High School of the Dead Challenge


While watching Full Metal Panic together, Aesm and I decided it would be interesting to take shots of monster energy drink for every ecchi scene in High School of the Dead, HOTD. We have five cans prepped for each of us, and we will be drinking the same amount or more of water to go with it. I tested episode 1 and 2 with water shots, and it quickly came to my attention that we might have underestimated the amount of ecchi in HOTD. In the opening alone, I counted 9 shots. In episode 1 including the opening, I counted 28 shots. We will be keeping this to moderation, and our health will be more important that this game, but I am going to keep track of how many we take during the anime. I’ll post the results in another blog post.

Let the games begin!

(We will not be including the OVA because that one episode alone would be like three cans.)



Character Review: Kenji Harima

schoolrumble04Character: Kenji Harima

Anime: School Rumble

Manga: School Rumble

Voice Actress/CV: Hiroki Takahashi

Kenji Harima is a rugged ex-dilinquent who has a huge crush on Tenma Tsukamoto. Kenji is always thinking about Tenma and tries his best to get her attention. He often ends up in unfortunate situations where something usually goes terribly wrong. He isn’t the brightest character either, but he is skilled at fighting and drawing. Kenji Harima is a fun character, and he makes School Rumble more interesting.

Warning! If you read further than this, there could be spoilers.


Appearance: 7/10

Kenji has shoulder length black hair pull back with a headband, and he usually has has a goatee. Kenji is also usually seen with black sunglasses on. Kenji has a muscular build. When Kenji was younger, he used to have shorter hair, no goatee, and he didn’t wear sunglasses.

Personality: 9/10

Kenji seems really aggressive on the outside, but on the inside he is a very kind guy. He gets easily jealous of any guys that come around Tenma. He always ends up in interesting situations, and he usually deals with the situations in humorous ways. Tenma always comes first in his mind, but he is also easily influenced by stuff around them.

How well the character’s CV fits the character: 9/10

The character’s voice actor was great at giving Kenji a rough voice for his roughed act, but he is also great at showing Kenji’s emotions.

Overall Thoughts: 26/30

I really liked Kenji’s character. He is really amusing to watch. It is somewhat sad to watch as Tenma doesn’t show any interest in him, but the Kenji  and Eri scenes make up for his lost feelings. I also enjoy watching Harima deal with all those weird situations that he gets stuck in.



Anime Review: The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

The cast of Pet Girl

The cast of Pet Girl

Anime: Sakurasou no Pet na kanojo

Light Novel Series: Sakura-so no Pet na Konojo

Episode Count: 24

Year: 2012

You can watch it at: Crunchyroll

Summary: Sorata Kanda, a student, is stuck living in the “problem children dorm” Sakura Hall at Suimei University of the Arts. His only hope is to move out and move back into the normal dorms. In Sakura Hall he’s surrounded by extraordinary people like an over-excitable animator, a genius programmer, a storyboard writer with a habit of taking girls to bed, and a drunk teacher that runs the dorm. Totally out of the blue, one of the teacher’s young relatives moves in: A world-famous painter named Mashiro Shiina. Mashiro is literally incapable of living alone and needs help doing even the simplest task (when she doesn’t have a paintbrush in hand) so Kanda is put on “Mashiro-duty” and must take care of her.

Recommendation: I highly recommend this to anyone with a taste for romantic comedy. Each of the characters is a work of art in and of themselves, but when put together the bonds between them are beautiful at worst and moving at best.


Animation: 9/10

The art style is one of the best I’ve seen and the character designs were all but flawless. I only docked a point because Misaki’s anime sometimes just look a little overly done.

Characters: 10/10

Main Characters:

Sorata Kanda

Sorata Kanda

Sorata Kanda:

Sorata Kanda is just a normal student. He wants to make it through his classes and graduate. He is in the normal (non-arts) program at Suimei and wants nothing more than to get back to a normal dorm and out of Sakura Hall. He was sent to Sakura after an incident involving him adopting a cat until such a date when the cats were properly removed from his care via adoption or other means. Though Kanda enjoys the company living in Sakura Hall, he feels out of place around the extravagant characters that share his living space. After being placed on Mashiro-Duty and deciding to become a Game Designer though, he realizes that Sakura Hall is his home and would do anyting to protect the integrity of his exiled family.

Mashiro Shiina

Mashiro Shiina

Mashiro Shiina:

Mashiro is a world-famous artist that moves into Sakura Hall. Mashiro cannot live on her own, she is incapable of performing everyday tasks without supervision or commands, even attempting to go to school nude because Kanda didn’t tell her to get dressed. She sees the world in a unique way that makes Kanda feel as though she is out of reach of the real world. She often puts Kanda in awkward situations for nothing but the sake of getting mental images for the manga she is trying to write. Over time, she slowly realizes that she has fallen in love with Kanda, though she doesn’t understand love at all and it is a strange concept for her.

Nanami Aoyama:

Nanami Aoyama

Nanami Aoyama

Aoyama is an art student at Suimei that left her parents’ home in search of training for a voice-acting career. After moving to Suimei she fell in love with Kanda, though he has no idea. She is his best friend at Suimei and Mashiro’s rival for Kanda’s love later in the series. After an issue with her voice acting career, Aoyama moves into Sakura Hall and is inducted into the family at Sakura Hall.

Mitaka Jin:

Mitaka Jin

Mitaka Jin

Jin is Kanda, Mashiro, and Aoyama’s senior at Suimei. He and Misaki Kamiigusa are in their final year at Suimei and have spent years working together to make anime. Jin writes the scripts and Misaki animates them. Jin spends a lot of his free time keeping track of the several girls he sleeps with often. Misaki and Jin love each other deeply, but Jin refuses to acknowledge his feelings in Misaki’s presence because he believes her to be too good for him. When he’s not sleeping around of denying Misaki the romance she so strongly desires, Jin can be a voice of reason and a bit of a father figure to Kanda who just needs someone to look up to sometimes.

Plot: 10/10

I loved this show. The story is unique and exciting and tells a beautiful story of two people from two entirely different worlds coming together and finding themselves in love. A big plus for this show is Mahiro’s social ineptitude. She has no concept of what love is, yet when she realizes she loves Kanda she tries to let that love show however she can.

Opening/Ending: 7/10

Not the best openings and ending I’ve ever heard, but at the same time I really just love everything about this show. I can forgive the the opening and ending a point or two for the animation the beautifully expresses the characters while they play.

How well it fits the genre (Rom-Com): 10/10

There’s not much I can say here. 10/10, 5 stars, 2 thumbs up. This show was more than just your typical rom-com, though that is the genre. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou is a work of art.

Overall Opinion: 46/50

Besides a few minor bumps here and there this show is nearly flawless. I admit I was skeptical when I first started it, but within a few episodes I was too emotionally attached to stop. I watched at home, at work, in the car between the two… Hajime Kamoshida, thank you for writing this.



Top 10 Grade A Perverts

I know I still need to finish my post on the top 10 ecchi anime. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten. Aesm also needs to make up last weeks post, and I hope he doesn’t forget about tomorrows. Anyway, I thought this would be a fun post to do with my list of top 10 echhi anime.

I personally believe there are two types of perverts in anime. There are the normal perverts that always seem to think about sexual stuff and the lucky perverts that end up in the positions that others could only dream about. This top ten list only includes normal perverts, and these are the worst of the worst. Here is my list of the top 10 most perverted anime characters.



Name: Yui Kotegawa

Anime: To Love-Ru


Yui Kotegawa is a closet pervert. She continuously has fantasies about Yuuki and her doing indecent things. Yui is also in charge of stopping anything indecent from happening around the school, so it is amusing to watch her stop others from being indecent when she is indecent herself.



Name: Momo Velia Deviluke

Anime: To Love-Ru


Momo is one of the few To Love-Ru characters that is trying to with Yuuki’s heart with her body consciously. She has also kept tabs on all the other girls in the anime to know who is all in Yuuki’s harem. Her main goal in this anime is to have Yuuki become the new king of Deviluke, so he can have a legal harem.



Name: Ako and Riko Suminoe

Anime: Kiss x Sis


Ako and Riko are twin sisters in the Kiss x Sis series, and I realized while making the list that they are pretty much on equal grounds for perversion levels. They both have their own unique ways of showing affection, but in the end they both do about the same amount of sexual things with Keita.



Name: Chizuru Minamoto

Anime: Kanokon


Chizuru is a fox demon in love. Throughout the entire two season of the anime, her main objective is the have sex with Kouta. She tries everything from running soba noodles down her body to shoving her boobs in Kouta’s face.



Name: Taro Sado

Anime: MM!


Taro is a normal boy until he gets physically pained. He starts begging anyone to hit him more. He is a major masochist, and although he tries to stop he just can’t.



Name: Rin Kokonoe

Anime: Kodomo no Jikan


Rin is a third grader who constantly is trying to get into her teacher’s pants. She often shows him her panties or kisses him to try and get his attention. She enjoys teasing the teacher about his virginity and offers herself to him multiple times.



Name: Kyousuke Imadori

Anime: School Rumble


Kyousuke has a huge fanclub, but he is still a pervert. He often goes after Makoto. He believes that by looking he can guess a girl’s breast size. He often fantasizes about Makoto’s breast size.



Name: Kazuharu Fukuyama

Anime: Girl’s Bravo


Kazuharu is often seen sexually harassing other girls. In public or private, it doesn’t matter. He purposly gets the group to play strip majhong, just so he can see the girls in different costumes.



Name: Ryosuke Kaga

Anime: So, I Can’t play H


Ryosuke is a knowledgeable pervert. He knows everything from perfect sexual poses to how a girl can show off her body. In the anime, Ryosuke’s pervert energy is what gives his partner Lisara energy, so when he gets really charged while watching Lisara get stripped while fighting, it is a benefit to Lisara in the end.


Tomoki being a pervert

Tomoki being a pervert

Chibi Form

Chibi Form

Name: Tomoki Sakurai

Anime: Sora no Otoshimono


Tomoki Sakurai is the number one anime pervert. He will try anything to touch girls and sneak into the girl’s bathroom. He loves panties and usually has a hidden collection somewhere. He also takes pride in his perverseness. Tomoki is the worst anime pervert, and I don’t think anyone will be able to top him

Here is the scene that makes him anime’s largest pervert: Click Here



Background Monday

Starting from today, I will be making a new background and posting them every Monday. It’s a good break from blog writing, and it allows me to catch up on homework.

Umi Sonoda from Love Live

Umi Sonoda from Love Live



Character Review: Lucy

elfen_lied__broken_mask_lucy_by_goxve-d31twrrCharacter: Lucy (Nyu)

Anime: Elfen Lied

Manga: Elfen Lied

Voice Actress/CV: Sanae Kobayashi

Lucy is an eighteen year old Diclonious. Her whole life she has been ridiculed by humans, and this causes her to lose trust in them.

Warning! If you read further than this, there could be spoilers.


Appearance: 7/10

Lucy has long pink hair that she has grown out during her years of solitude. She has two horns, that look like ears, coming out of her head. Her body is well developed, but average. Between Lucy and Nyu the animators gave Lucy a darker looking face while Nyu had a cute innocent face. It slightly changed depending on who had control of the body. Nyu cuts her hair short near the end of the series.


Lucy mode

Nyu mode

Nyu mode

Personality: 10/10

I really like Lucy’s personality. Although she was a mass murderer, she only started because of her distrust in humans. I mean, who wouldn’t beome twisted after watching their puppy/only true friend was murdered right in front of them. Lucy is also very intelligent and uses her split personality to her advantage. I really liked Lucy’s character, and I had a hard time watching her getting hurt though out life.

Nyu was just adorable and funny to watch. She had no idea what she was doing. It was interesting to watch her grow up during the show too.

How well the character’s CV fits the character: 9/10

The voice actress did a great job switching voices between Nyu and Lucy, but nothing really special besides that.

Overall Thoughts: 26/30

I liked Lucy as a character. She has gone though so much shit, and it is totally understandable why she doesn’t trust people.



µ’s Music Start!

It has been announced that the Love Live movie will be coming out on June 13, 2015. There is a count down on AniChart.net. The movie was announced on the last episode of the second season of Love Live School Idol Project. I don’t know what the movie premise is about, but I’m excited to see more Love Live School Idol Project movie.

For the description, PV video, and countdown click here




Anime Review: Kill La Kill

Anime: Kill La Kill

Kill La Kill

Kill La Kill

Episode Count: 24

Year: 2013

Genre: Action

You can watch it at: Netflix, Crunchyroll

Summary: Ryuko Matoi hunts down her husband’s killer with the intention of taking revenge. Her only clue is the massive scissor blade she carries. The killer possesses the other half. Her search brings her to Honnoji Academy, a school that defines social class as everything. The higher your class, the better your living arrangements and the stronger your Goku Uniform. Goku Uniforms are school uniforms that bind to the wearer and use “Life Fibers” to give them crazy powers related to the suit’s design (generally used to gain an unfair advantage in sports or combat). Goku Uniforms are split into stars based on the percentage of Life Fibers in the suit (1* = 10%, 2* = 20%, 3* = 30%)

Recommendation: If you’re looking for  a show with goofy animation, virtually no plot progression, and a lot of meaningless battles, then THIS is the show for you. If this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea avoid it, no matter how much your annoying friend Dylan tells you it’s a great show. Dammit Dylan.



Animation: 3/10

The art style looks more like a Saturday morning cartoon than a well renown anime. I have almost nothing kind to say about the art style except that it allows one character to further express her own stupidity by looking as mentally deficient as she actually is.

Characters: 5/10

Main Characters:

Ryuko Matoi:

Ryuko Matoi

Ryuko Matoi

Ryuko Matoi is a character defined by her will to find and take down her father’s killer. She enrolls in Honnoji Academy hoping to learn something related to the murder. She carries a scissor blade designed by her father that is her only memento of him. While at Honnoji Academy, she is given the impression that Satsuki Kiryuin is the target she seeks and so works her way towards a battle with Kiryuin. As it turns out, Satsuki was not her father’s killer, but is rather her long lost sister following her being taken to safety by her father.


Senketsu the Kamui

Senketsu the Kamui

Senketsu is the Kamui (100% Life Fiber suit) worn by Ryuko throughout the show. Senketsu and Ryuko have a bond that allows Ryuko to hear Senketsu’s thoughts. Senketsu is able to tap into Ryuko’s blood and grant her power far beyond that of a normal Goku Uniform. As the show progresses, Senketsu develops the ability to transform during battle to help Ryuko. Senketsu was designed by Ryuko’s father Isshin Matoi for the purpose of being used to take down his wife’s evil clothing empire (I swear to you, I’m not making this up).

Satsuki Kiryuin:

Satsuki Kiryuin

Satsuki Kiryuin

Satsuki is the student council president at Honnoji Academy and runs the school with an iron fist. No one can touch Satsuki and she makes sure everyone knows it. Satsuki is influenced by her family to wear a Kamui known as Junketsu. Satsuki and Junketsu battle Ryuko and Senketsu until Satsuki realizes that her mother is trying to unleash a mob of alien Life Fibers that will devour all life like a parasite and use its human victims to reproduce until they can fly off into space and destroy another planet. (Seriously, not making this up.)

Mako Mankanshoku

Mako Mankanshoku during one of her "Hallelujah Moments"

Mako Mankanshoku during one of her “Hallelujah Moments”

She’s an idiot. She’s Ryuko’s best friend. Her family houses Ryuko during her stay in Honno City. That’s about all there is to her character, yet she somehow still has more screen time than pretty much every character not in this list. Did I mention she’s an idiot?

Plot: 2/10

Evil aliens called Life Fibers that live in our clothes are trying to take over the world and kill all of humanity to reproduce and repeat the process on another planet. Our only hope? A high school girl with a thirst for revenge. The girl also happens to be half Life Fiber because of evil experiments her half Life Fiber mother did on her as a baby. I will not hesitate to say that I did not enjoy this show until the last 3 episodes. Great fight scenes, though.

Opening/Ending: 6/10

I really enjoyed the opening and ending of this show. They were about the only thing I enjoyed while watching it.

How well the anime fits the genre (Action): 7/10

There is a lot of action, no one can deny that. Some of the action is stuff like hardcore tennis, rather than fights, but still.

Overall Opinion: 23/50

Personal opinion, this show is all around bad. I’ve talked to multiple people about it and it seems to be a show that you either love or hate. I haven’t met anyone that thought it was just pretty good. Obviously, I am one of the people that hated it. Dylan though (the only reason I watched this travesty) still talks about it. Damn you, Dylan.