30 Day April Anime Challenge

Hey guys, Aesm here. Starting tomorrow, Feiyon and I are starting a 30 day anime challenge. Every day, we will each make a post. Here are our rules:

1. Every day we must answer a question from the given list, the question must correspond to the date (i.e. we cannot answer question 14 on the 8th)

2. Whatever our answer is, we must post a review related to it. If the question is about a character, we make a character review. If it’s about a scene or show we will make an anime review.

3. We cannot repeat anything we have previously done, this includes previously in the challenge as well as before we began it.

4. We cannot share any answers, even if they are for the same question. We must each come up with our own answer.

5. We may only use one character from each show

6. This rule overrides rule 5, we are each allowed ONE character from a show that has been previously used (In case we each want to pick a character from a single show or something)

7. If any of these rules prevent us from using our actual answer, we will also say what our answer would be, if the rules were not in play

8. Both participants must make a post each day titled with our name and the prompt. Example: Aesm – Day 1: Gateway Anime

9. As a general rule for the blog, we only write about shows and characters from shows we have finished at least one season of

30 Day Challenge

These are the prompts we will be using. I hope you guys enjoy our challenge. If you guys would like to join our challenge, we’d love it if you would comment your answers on your favorite post for each day.

As an additional note, for the duration of the challenge, Background Mondays will be on hiatus (Feel free to make requests though for after the challenge.)

We decided to do this partly because it sounded fun, but also partly to get back into the rhythm of posting daily.

* Note: When picking an anime we have not seen but want to, we will be choosing from each other’s lists and writing a review for the show the other person picked.

Lastly, if you’ve been keeping track, I’m a bit behind on my posts but I finally got a new keyboard with all working keys (Look at this sexy E, the key works) so I am now able to catch up on my late posts. Keep an eye out for them.

~Aesm XXX/365

Update March 26

So, two days ago Aesm and I decided we are going to create a dating sim. There will be more information about that later. This post is mostly just an information post.

For the dating sim, we need an artist, so if anyone wants to give it a shot for us, send me an email. If we produce the game, you would get paid for your work. Also, the WIP Scans scanlation group is on Hiatus because we lost our translator. If anyone can translate Japanese and would like to join the team, that would be so amazing.

I’m sorry about the lack of anime posts lately. I’ve been slacking a lot. On April 1, I am planning to start an anime challenge, so hopefully I will get more posts out and catch up on most of the posts.

Hope everyone is doing well.


Here is a cute photo.

Love Live Snow Halation Photo is from Zero-chan

Love Live
Snow Halation
Photo is from Zero-chan

WittyAnimeViewers Outing

Today, our lovely cult decided to hit the town to go to some comic shops, card shops and the zoo. Sadly, my request to go to the zoo did not go through. Feiyon lead us 30 minutes walking down a street in the wrong direction, to go 30 minutes back to the car. As we walked back to the car, we decided not to go to the zoo. Feiyon got a box and a booster box for SAO Volume 2 Weiss Schwarz, Aesm got a box and a trial deck of Nisekoi Weiss Schwarz, our friend X got 4 booster packs of SAO Wiess Schwarz and I got 2 booster packs of Love Live Weiss Schwarz. I also bought an the first issue of Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles published in 1986!  So while my original plan for the day was not completed, the WittyAnimeViewers dubbed today’s outing a success! 

We are now back to campus to open our cards and to play another tournament. I will probably loose. One day, I shall beat Feiyon.


SPECIAL: WittyAnimeViewers Roadtrip

Hello, this is Broadwayotakufairy! Today the WittyAnimeViewers are leaving our beloved second floor lounge, rooms and campus to head out into the real world for a day… To get more anime stuff. Oh and we are going to the zoo, because I requested that part. If we aren’t posting as much as normal today that is why. We will be in and out through out the day. 


Character Review: Makoto Tachibana

Character: Makoto Tachibana

Show: Free! Iwatobi Swim Club and Free! Eternal Summer

CV: Tatsuhisa Suzuki

Makoto Tachibana is a sweet attractive high school male. His best friends include Haru, Rin, and Nagisa. They used to be a part of a boys swim team when they were children, and it helped them grow closer because of it. Makoto is known for his backstroke. Although he is not the fastest, he tries hard to help his team mates. Makoto and Haru seem to have a stronger bond between the four within the high school swim team.

Appearance 10/10: Makoto is a very attractive bara man. His fanfiction hazel green eyes are very soulful and expressionful. Also his build is very lean and muscular because of his years of swimming backstroke.

Personality 10/10: While Makoto is a very attractive character, his personality at least in the show is ever so slightly disappointing. He is focused solely on Haruka Nanase. The first few episodes, Makoto is shown constantly preventing Haru from stripping at the sight of water. Makoto is also a giant child trapped in a mans body. In the second season and the OVA, you see other sides of Makoto. He is also very competitive, shy and protective.

How well the CV’s voice fits the character 10/10: His voice is flawless! He is able to send shivers down your spine when he switches from a happy to competitive or protective.

Overall Thoughts 30/30: Makoto is a lovable character who is protective of his friends. He will do anything to make sure that his friends are happy and safe. People tend to ship Makoto with Haruka, Rin or Sousuke.


Feiyon taking a day off

Hey guys, Aesm here. Feiyon and I had a fun little game we’ve been playing all day. We came up with a story that Feiyon’s mother is forcing her to give up everything related to anime so she can focus on schoolwork. The story is that late last night, Feiyon and her mother got into a heated argument over the phone that I overheard. The end result of the call was that Feiyon must give up anime and she has no choice. Starting last night, Feiyon has been telling all of our friends that she has given anime up for school reasons and that she has no say in the matter. I have been reinforcing the idea by telling the story myself as a “witness”. Feiyon will post later letting you all know how it was for her and her take on the situation.

If you want to try the anime free day with your friends, here are the rules she set for herself.

1. Only one person can know the truth. Work with that person to develop a believable story for why you are suddenly giving up anime. This person can also tell you other people’s reactions you aren’t around to see.

2. You not only give up anime, you give up everything related to it. No anime, no manga, no fanfictions, no anime based games (including but not limited to Weiss Schwarz)

3. You may not watch, read, or talk about any of the above.

4. You must hold this facade for at least 24 hours.

It’s 11:45 here as I’m typing this. It’s taken me over 4 hours to write this short post without making anyone suspicious of what I’m doing. Feiyon will be on later to let you know how everything went.


Anime Review: Sekirei (postponed)

Anime: Sekirei

Episode Count: 12 (+ 1 OVA)

Year: 2008

Genre: Action, Ecchi

You can watch it at: Anime1.com or justdubs.tv (justdubs does not have the OVA)


Minato Sahashi failed his college entrance exam once again due to his inability to think under pressure. While sulking, he runs into a girl named Musubi who asks him to become her “Ashikabi”. As it turns out, Musubi is a part of a secret game being run by a company known as MBI. She is a Sekirei: one of 108 warrior women that must fight to the death.


This is a fantastic show full of epic battles and fan service. ’nuff said.


Animation: 8/10

Male characters look kind of awkward and the motion can be just a tad choppy

Characters: 8/10

Okay, this is driving me up a wall. My laptop’s E, D, and C keys aren’t working well and I’ve been forced to type with my obnoxious virtual keyboard. So, while I rage indefinitely at my laptop, please enjoy this completely unrelated picture of a neko-girl.

Not from Sekirei. I'm just raging.

Not from Sekirei. I’m just raging.


Anime Review: Oreimo

Anime Review: Ore No Imouto Ga Konna Ni Kawaiiwake Ga Nai



Episode Count: 25

Year: 2010

Genre: Rom-Com

You can watch it at: Crunchyroll

Summary: Kyousuke Kousaka finds an erotic video game his middle-school aged sister had hidden in the house. When he confronts her about it he discovers that she is a closet otaku and decides to help her embrace her inner otaku by finding other friends with similar interests. As a part of his quest, he must protect her “perfect girl” image from being slandered to either her non-otaku friends or her parents.


I highly suggest this to anyone with a taste for Rom-Com. The story is beautiful and the characters are well-developed.

Note: Implied wincest. If you are like me and are a fan of Sis-Cons, be sure to watch the OVA’s (official wincest). I am not including them in this review because they are not all canon.


Animation: 10/10

Oreimo has beautifully designed backgrounds and some of my all-time favorite character designs.

Characters: 8/10

I loved almost all the characters in this show. Each one was built and fit into the story like a piece of a puzzle. My only complaint was that I didn’t like Saori very much. Her over-the-top-ness had gotten on my nerves even just a few episodes in. Her backstory didn’t help either, it really pissed me off when I found out her crazy was all just an act. That said, the rest of the characters are perfect as they are.

Main Characters:

Kyousuke Kousaka:

Kyousuke Kousaka

Kyousuke Kousaka

Kyousuke is supportive of all his friends and his sister and often puts himself in the line of fire for the sake of protecting her. As the story progresses and he realizes that he didn’t really know his sister very well before she told him he was an otaku really helps him grow and see how much his sister has grown since they were little.

Kirino Kousaka:

Kirino Kousaka

Kirino Kousaka

Kirino is a popular middle-school girl. She has perfect grades, She is a model. She is the envy of everyone’s eyes at school. Oh yeah, and she’s a huge closet otaku. Kirino’s otaku interests include children’s anime and sis-con based adult-games. When her older brother confronts her about a game he found in the house, she reveals her secret to him and asks for his help to find otaku friends. Over time, she comes to terms with her brother just being a normal guy, though as a child she had idolized him, and develops a close relationship with him (#Wincest).

Ayase Aragaki:

Ayase Aragaki

Ayase Aragaki

Ayase is Kirino’s best friend at school and a model she works with. Ayase hates everything in otaku culture and wishes the worst upon anyone associated with it. When she discovers Kirino’s secret, it takes her time to come to terms with her best friend’s secret life. Even as the show ends, Ayase would prefer Kirino not be associated with otaku culture, but is willing to deal with it for Kirino’s sake. Throughout the show, Kyousuke sexually harasses Ayase and inadvertently makes her fall in love with him.

Ruri Gokou:



“Kuroneko”, her standard username, is an otaku who spends most of her time cosplaying the “Queen of Nightmare” from her favorite anime. She meets Kirino and Kyousuke at a meeting of otaku girls set up by Saori. After getting more acquainted with Kirino the two develop a love-hate relationship. They are some of each other’s only otaku friends but have differing opinions on everything. Kuroneko falls in love with Kyousuke and eventually becomes his first girlfriend, though she acknowledges from the beginning that his true feelings are (wincestuous) not for her.

Plot: 10/10

The story of a girl coming to terms with her secret side and discovering new relationships with friends who share her interests and her brother is beautiful and something I think most of us can relate to. I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets offended when society looks down on otaku culture.

Opening/Ending: 9/10

Oreimo’s opening has a special place in my heart. ClariS, the group that performed the opening, is now my favorite opening group and Oreimo was my first experience with them. As for the ending, each episode had its own unique ending and (While I don’t particularly remember them) I do remember that I listened to each one in its entirety. That must count for something, right?

How well the anime fits the genre (Rom-Com): 10/10

2 enthusiastic thumbs up. This show is awesome and funny. When I was watching it I had to cover my mouth sometimes to muffle my laughter so I wouldn’t wake my neighbors.

Overall Opinion: 47/50

Oreimo is easily one of my all-time favorite shows. The story was great. The characters were beautiful (inside and out). I found it easy to identify with many of the situations every character was in. An all around solid choice.