Feiyon – Day 3: Favorite Anime Opening

My favorite anime opening is Discotheque from the second season of Rosario Vampire. I love the upbeat melody and Nana Mizuki’s singing can make any song great. The consistent beat makes it catchy and easy to dance to. Whenever I feel down, this is one song that can always make me feel better. Here is a link to a shortened opening version: Here

Anime Review


Anime: Rosario Vampire

Episode Count: 26 Episodes/ 2 Seasons/ 13 episodes each

Year: 2008

Genre: Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy, Romance, School, Vampire, Harem

You can watch it at: Netflix, Anime1

Summary:  Tsukune Aono is a freshman entering high school, the only problem is he didn’t make it into any high school. His father happened to pick up an acceptance letter, and that allows Tsukune to enter high school. On his first day of school, he crashes into a girl who claims to be a vampire named, Moka Akashiya . He soon realizes that he is at a school full of monsters. Tsukune quickly decides to leave the school for his own safety, but soon realizes that the bus only comes once a month. What will Tsukune decide to do in a months time?

Recommendation: This anime has a good mix of comedy, ecchi, and harem. I really enjoyed all the main characters in the anime. They all brought their own charm to the show. I would suggest this show to anyone who enjoys a good harem anime.


Animation: 10/10

The animation in Rosario Vampire is really well done. All the scenes and movements are smooth. The “Discotheque” opening has great animation that goes with the song. There are a few blimps in the animation, but I can tell there was a lot of effort put into the animation, and it really helps the quality of this show.

Characters: 9/10

All the characters in the anime make the show better. They all have diverse personalities. I really liked Moka’s two personalities.

Main Characters:

Tsukune Aono:

Tsukune Aono is a human who ended up at a school full of monsters. He is very conscious about how powerless he is, and that bothers him a lot. Although he doesn’t have much power, his kindness is what attracts girls to him.

Moka Akashiya:

Moka Akashiya is a vampire who met Tsukune on the first day of school. Tsukune is the first friend that she has made in school. When she was in human school, she was constantly picked on. In monster school, she is believed to be the most attractive girl in school. Moka is an S-class vampire, which is the most powerful monster. Because her true form is too powerful, it is sealed using a rosary. While Moka is wearing the rosary, she is happy and cheerful. She has pink hair and she has an innocent look on her face. In Moka’s true form, she has a cool demeanor. Her eyes changed to a dark red color and her hair turns white. She is usually more level headed than normal Moka, but she also isn’t honest with her feelings.

The two sides of Moka. (Moka's true form on the left, Moka's normal form on the right.)

The two sides of Moka. (Moka’s true form on the left, Moka’s normal form on the right.)

Plot: 7/10

If plot was the amount of boobage in a show, this plot would be 9/10. The real plot of the story is just an average harem. The story follows Tsukune and the other girls’ school life. The show is more for the characters than a plot since nothing really happens in the anime.

Opening/Ending: 9.5/10

I really enjoyed every song in this anime except for the opening for the first season. “Discotheque” has been my favorite anime opening for years. The two endings “Dancing in the Velvet Moon” and “Trinity Cross”, that are sung by Nana Mizuki. The darker melodies of the ending songs compared to the cute openings are a great contrast between Moka’s character. Especially since all the songs I like are sung by Nana Mizuki.

How well the anime fits the main genre(s) (Comedy/Ecchi/Harem): 10/10

I believe this anime does a great job mixing these three genres together. The comedy happens in every episodes with little dibbles between characters and jokes that run throughout the show. More than have the comedy in the show is ecchi based and between fights between the girls. There are also lots of boob jiggles and panty shots. The harem aspect is strong in the show, but all the girls seem to get along well after joining the harem.

Overall Opinion: 46.5/50

I really enjoyed this anime. I really liked the setting of the anime. It seemed really interesting having a human in a world of monsters. I also really liked Moka’s character. It is interesting how she has two different personalities. Another draw to the show is Nana Mizuki and Rie Kugamiya being in the anime. I really like those two voice actresses, so personally that attracts me to this anime. This anime is a very basic harem, but it defiantly has a twist that makes it stand out.




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