Feiyon – Day 4: Which Anime Character Would You Want to be Your Best Friend

It was hard to choose which anime character I would want as my best friend. After searching through my anime list, I decided on Kuro Matsumi, Karen Kujo, and Chiya Ujimatsu. I had wanted to choose Chiya in the end, but I soon realized that I already did a character review on her. My final decision on which anime character I would want to be my best friend is Kuro Matsumi from Saki Achiga-hen: Episode of Side-A. I like how loyal she is and she seems like a fun person. It would be extremely fun to learn how to play majhong from her. I also think her special majhong power. Kuro is a fun character and I would love to have her be one of my close friends.

Character Review

Character: Kuro Matsumi

Kuro playing majhong

Kuro playing majhong


Saki Achiga-hen: Episode of Side-A

Saki Zenkoku-hen


Saki Achiga-hen: Episode of Side-A

Saki Zenkoku-hen

Voice Actress/CV: Kana Hanazawa

Kuro Matsumi is a second-year high school student at Achiga Girl’s academy. She has been playing majhong with her friends since she was in elementary school, but eventually everyone stopped coming once middle school came around. Kuro continued to clean the majhong room while the other girls stopped coming waiting for her to return. Kuro is a sweet girl who is always looking out for her friends. She has a close relationship with her sister Yuu. Kuro works hard to help her friends and loves to play majhong with them.

Warning! If you read further than this, there could be spoilers.


Appearance: 10/10

Kuro has long dark purple hair that flows down her back. Her eyes are the same shade as her hair. She has a larger bust than most characters in the show, but she is still thin. She has soft facial features that makes her character seem sweet and gentle.

Kuro fanart by Disel-Turbo From Zerochan

Kuro fanart by Disel-Turbo
From Zerochan

Personality: 10/10

I really liked Kuro’s loyalty to the club. She waited every single day for everyone to return, and although it took years, everyone eventually came back. Kuro is sweet and kind. She cares a lot about her other club members and tries to make sure everyone is happy.

How well the character’s CV fits the character: 10/10

I believe Kana Hanazawa did a great job voicing Kuro. Two of the more recognizable characters that I’ve heard Kana play are Shiori, the quiet librarian girl in Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai (The World God Only Knows) and Onodere, the second main love interest in the new anime Nisekoi. In both roles, Kana voices soft and sweet characters, like Kuro, and did a great job at bringing out all three of these characters.

Overall Thoughts: 30/30

Kuro is my favorite girl from the entire Saki franchise. I really like her as a character, but I also like her “majhong skill”. She is known as The Dragon Lord because all the dora come to her.(Dora is short for dragon, so that is why she is called The Dragon Lord.) This is a blessing, but also a curse because she is not able to discard a dora. If she discards dora, she doesn’t get any dora for a long period of time. I’m hoping the Saki series gets another season, so I can finally see who wins the national tournament. I know that rooting for Achiga’s team will probably be in vain, but I have to give my support to Kuro.

Kuro fanart  by Negi Nuta

Kuro fanart by Negi Nuta




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