Aesm – Day 6: Anime You Want To Watch But Haven’t

I asked Feiyon to make a review for Campione for me for today’s question.
Also, now that I’m back from the passover celebration I went to I will be catching up on the days I missed. I’m hoping to catch up on everything by midnight (here) tomorrow night (5 AM WordPress time).


Anime Review

Photo from Hulu

Photo from Hulu

Anime: Campione!

Episode Count: 13

Year: July – Sept 2012

Genre: Action, Harem, Magic, Fantasy, Ecchi, Romance, Comedy

You can watch it at:

Crunchyroll and Hulu with Japanese subs

Justdubs with English dub


Godou Kusanagi is an average human until he gets in the middle of fight between gods.

While Godou is traveling to return a stone tablet from his grandfather, he runs into a few problems. He meets a feisty blonde who doesn’t want him to have the tablet. Later he uses the tablet to stop the gods from fighting and accidentally absorbs one of the god’s powers. Godou is now entrusted with keeping the gods from destroying the world, with the help of many female worshipers from many different religions.


This is one of the first anime that I have watched as a simulcast. I enjoyed the anime, but it isn’t anything special. There are many good ecchi and battle scenes. The harem is strong in this anime too. It was interesting how the anime mixed in Greek mythology into the anime. It is a good watch for anyone who likes ecchi, harems, and action.


Animation: 8.5/10

The animation in this series was a bit better than average. The characters were nicely drawn and the battles were nicely animated. All the characters have good character designs.

Characters: 8.5/10

All the characters in the harem are all pretty average. I liked how they perceived all the characters and had all the characters bounce off each other. It was a fun mix of characters, but all the characters were stereotypical.

Main Characters:

Godou Kusanagi:

Screenshot from Crunchyroll

Godou Kusanagi – Screenshot from Crunchyroll

Godou Kursanagi is an average high school student until he stops a god battle and becomes a demi-god. He is like most boys and is interested in women, but easily embarrassed when women pursue him. He is nice and willing to help his friends when they are in need. He is also protective of his friends. Godou is always willing to find a solution that will be the best benefit to everyone involved.

Erica Blandelli:

Erica B d

Erica Blandelli
Photo from

Erica Blandelli is a member of the Copper Black Cross. She can be aggressive when first meeting people, but warms up to them if they find them important. She is Italian and works mainly in Milan, Italy. She is the closest female to Godou and isn’t worried about sharing him with others as long as he considers her his number one. Erica is very knowlegable and is able to help Godou a lot during fights. She uses a magical sword to battle. Erica enjoys teasing Godou in sensual ways which includes inside and outside the bedroom.

Yuri Mariya:

Yuri Mariya Photo from Wikia

Yuri Mariya
Photo from Wikia

Yuri Mariya is a part of the Japanese Magician Society. She has a high level of spiritual power that allows her to sense other spiritual beings. She is gentle and sweet, but she can be strict when it comes to inappropriate behavior. She claims to stay around Godou because he is the campione and the fix his behavior, but her true intentions are always obvious.

Plot: 9/10

The plot of the anime was interesting. It was fun watching the main character fight against different gods or demi-gods. The battles had a lot of action, but also a good amount of ecchi. The plot was the part of the anime that made it more memorable and different that most ecchi, harem, action anime.

Opening/Ending: 9/10

Album Cover Photo from Zerochan

Album Cover
Photo from Zerochan

I enjoyed the opening and ending of Campione! I liked the style that the producers choose for the songs. This songs can get boring after listening to them for a while, so it lost a point in this category.

How well the anime fits the main genre(s) (Action/Harem/Romcom): 10/10

This anime fit within these genres perfectly. It did a good job of mixing the three together though. There isn’t any boring moment. The anime does a good job of keeping the audience entertained taking turns between these genres.

Overall Opinion: 46/50

The anime was better than most action, harem, romcom that I’ve seen. I really enjoyed the mix of Greek mythology into the show. It is a show I would watch again and would suggest to other that like these types of shows.

Another great photo of Ericka Photo from imgur

Another great photo of Ericka
Photo from imgur




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