Feiyon – Day 8: What Crossover Would You Like to See?

The anime crossover I would enjoy watching is a mix of the characters from Girl’s Bravo and Heaven’s Lost Property. It would be so funny to watch Tomoki drag Yukinari around to the girl’s locker room and Yukinari breaking out with hives. Tomoki and Kazuharu would be brothers in arms. Kazuharu would probably want an angeloid of his own too. I think the anime would just be a great mix of ecchi and comedy between these two casts.

Anime Review

Girls Bravo Girls Girls from left to right (Risa Fukuyama, Miharu Sena Kanak, Kirie Kojima, Koyomi Hara Nanaka)

Girls Bravo Girls
Girls from left to right (Risa Fukuyama, Miharu Sena Kanak, Kirie Kojima, Koyomi Hara Nanaka)

Anime: Girls Bravo

Episode Count: 11 Episodes

Year: July – Sept 2004

Genre: Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy, Romance, School Harem

You can watch it at: Hulu or Netflix ( English Subbed and Dubbed )


The anime focuses on a boy named Yukinari Sasaki. Because Yukinari has been bullied by girls for a long time, he became allergic to girls. Coming into contact with a girl causes Yukinari to break out in hives. One day, while taking a bath, Yukinari suddenly finds himself in a strange new world filled with women. On this planet, there are almost no men, so they all chase after Yukinari. One of the girls is named Miharu, and she isn’t like the other girls. Miharu is the only girl that Yukinari can touch without getting an allergic reaction. Miharu comes back to Earth with Yukinari and she quickly accumulates to the new environment.


I would recommend this anime to anyone who enjoys a good mix of ecchi, romance, comedy, and harem. Although the graphics are a bit old, the comedy is still fresh and the character make the anime amazing.


Animation: 8/10

Because the anime came out in 2004, the animation style is a bit outdated. The animation is still smooth throughout the series.

Characters: 10/10

In these types of shows, the characters are what make the anime worth watching or not. I enjoyed every character in this series. From the perverted suave rich-boy, Kazuharu, to the seal-dog-pet thing, Ebi, the mix of characters made the anime memorable.

Main Characters:

Yukinari Sasaki:

Yukinari Saski Photo from Blogspot

Yukinari Sasaki
Photo from Blogspot

Yukinari Sasaki is smaller than average, and this caused him to get bullied by girls as a child. This instilled a fear of women into Yukinari, and now whenever a woman touches him, Yukinari breaks out in hives. Yukinari is a sweet boy, but he is also a lucky pervert. He usually finds himself in compromising situations, which usually ends in Yukinari being covered in hives.

Miharu Sena Kanaka:

Miharu d Photo from Madman

Miharu Sena Kanaka
Photo from Madman

Miharu Sena Kanaka is an alien from the planet Seiren. She is the only girl that Yukinari can touch without getting hives, and this drives her to want to help Yukinari get over his fear and allergy of women. Miharu is constantly curious about the new world around her, but she is also quite dense to what happens around her too.

Kirie Kojima:

Kirie d Photo from Empty Blue It

Kirie Kojima
Photo from Empty Blue It

Kirie Kojima is Yukinari’s childhood friend and is known from having one of the largest pair of breasts in the anime.She tries to help Yukinari with his problem, but she usually gets distracted by the school’s pervert Kazuharu Fukuyama. She is a sweet and caring girl, but when it comes to Fukuyama, she usually resorts to violence.

Kazuharu Fukuyama:


Kazuharu Fukuyama Photo from WordPress

Kazuharu Fukuyama is the school’s most well-known pervert. He is able to capture many into his bed, probably because he is filthy rich, but he seems to want all the girls that hang around Yukinari. Opposite of Yukinari, Kazuharu gets covered in hives if he touches men. Kazuharu constantly tries to take the girls from Yukinari with many different schemes, but ultimately just joins the crew on their adventures.

Plot: 6/10

This anime doesn’t really have a clear plot because the ultimate goal is to cure Yukinari of his ailment. Mostly what happens throughout the series is many romantic feels develop between the characters, but the main ships remain strong during the entire show.

Opening/Ending: 6/10

The opening and endings of this anime were decent. The older style of Japanese pop music can be heard in these songs. They are not songs that I would look up to listen to, and I would probably skip them when re-watching the anime.

How well the anime fits the main genre(s) (Romcom/Ecchi/Harem): 10/10

This anime has a good mix of these different genres. It defiantly has romantic comedy because of all the emotions runing between the characters. The comedy helps keep the romances light in the series too. There is ecchi all over this series. This is a boob-grabs, costume majhong, tentacles, and more. To top it all off, the series is also slightly a harem. Although Miharu doesn’t have much competition, because Yukinari only seems to like her, many other girls have feelings for Yukinari too.

Overall Opinion: 40/50

I really enjoyed this show the first time I watched it. I thought all the comedy was funny and all the characters were great as well. It is a show that I wouldn’t mind re-watching if I had the time, but I probably wouldn’t make it my first re-watch choice.




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