Feiyon – Day 9: Favorite Villain or Antagonist

My favorite antagonist is Shinobu Wakamiya from the anime Chihayafuru. I enjoy her character’s love for Snow-maru. She is socially awkward which makes her adorable. Similar to the main character, Chihaya, she is cute but has no fashion sense. It was hard to choose a villain or antagonist that I liked from an anime because usually the villians I see in anime are created to be unlikable.


Shinobu Wakamiya Photo from Arwynl's WordPress

Shinobu Wakamiya
Photo from Arwynl’s WordPress

Character Review

Character: Shinobu Wakamiya

Anime: Chihayafuru

Manga: Chihayafuru

Voice Actress/CV: Mihoko Nakamichi

Shinobu Wakamiya is the reigning queen of the game karuta in the Chihayafuru series. She is the youngest queen in history and is left-handed. She has a deep connection to every poem in the game and considers each card her friend. Usually when she plays an opponent, she completely dominates the game to the point the opponent stops trying. This causes Shinobu to feel she is playing the game alone.

Warning! If you read further than this, there could be spoilers.


Appearance: 10/10

I believe Shinobu’s appearance perfectly fits her character in the anime. She has an air of coolness about her because of her hardened expressions and black hair. While holding the elegance of royalty. Her hair only reaches to about the end of her neck and her eyes are black. She is fit, for most of the anime and usually dresses in simple clothes.

That one episode where Shinobu is fat. (The reason why is amazing) Photo from Abandon Factory

That one episode where Shinobu is fat.
(The reason why is amazing)
Photo from Abandon Factory

Personality: 10/10

Shinobu usually has a sweet mannerism while underhandedly criticizing other people. She has a signature smile she gives to instil fear into her opponents before obliterating them.  I personally find it cute that she has a deep connection with all the poems and that she was obsessed with the character Snowmaru. At some points, Shinobu can loses control of her emotions and lets her darker inner emotions emerge. This can be a scary experience to anyone in the vicinity.

After losing five cards to Chihaya Gif from Tumblr

After losing five cards to Chihaya, Shinobu gets angry.
Gif from Tumblr

How well the character’s CV fits the character: 10/10

The voice actress Mihoko Nakamichi did a good job at voicing Shinobu. She did a good job at making Shinobu’s character sounding cold and suspicious. Also when Shinobu looses her cool, she is good at playing that side of Shinobu too.

Overall Thoughts: 30/30

I thought that Shinobu’s character was a good contrast to Chihaya’s character. Not only as a rival, but as a person the two are similar yet totally different. I enjoy that Shinobu helps Chihaya move forward as a player, but Shinobu also continues to grow stronger as time passes. Shinobu is a fun character in the Chihayafuru series because she is reserved, odd, and cute, and I hope she continues to make appearances throughout the series.

Photo from Arwynl's Wordpres

Photo from Arwynl’s Wordpres




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