The purpose of this blog is to allow the members of this blog to share our opinions of many different anime to the anime community. Hopefully, you can find our opinions useful. Also, feel free to share your own thoughts and feelings but please be mindful of others opinions too.


Kotori Avatar

My name is Feiyon. I am the main manager of this blog. I started watching anime in seventh grade and now have six years of anime under my belt. I’ve seen over 150 different anime series, and I’m always happy to discuss anime, manga, doujins, AMVs, MMVs, etc. with anyone. I have not read much manga outside the genre of yuri, but I have read a few. My favorite genre is yuri, shoujo, and music, but I am willing to watch just about anything.


Anime: Love Live School Idol Project

Character: Kotori Minami

Couple: NanoFate

Manga: Girl Friends

You can contract me personally at: muffincakefate@gmail.com

Disclaimer: I personally do not have the best grammar skills. There will be an editor going through the posts, but she is only available at limited times. Sorry for any grammatical errors.


Hey, My name’s Aesm. I’m the resident lolicon. Personally, I’m a fan of pretty much anything comedy, especially harems. That being said, I can enjoy pretty much anything well made. I only started watching anime a few years and I haven’t really gotten into much more than that (read: Don’t expect many manga reviews from me).


Anime: Clannad

Character: Ushio Okazaki

Couple: Otonashi and Kanade (Don’t think there’s an official ship name)

Feel free to contact me personally at: Aesm09@gmail.com

Disclaimer: I think I’m funny, I’ve been told I’m not.

Makoto Ava

Hello~! My name is Broadwayotakufairy. I am the resident Queen of the Dweebs. I am the second in command on both this page and the leader of BowChickaBowWow scans on tumblr once our group comes off of hiatus. (Which will hopefully be soon). Like Aesm, I too am a fan of anything and will watch pretty much anything if Feiyon puts it up on the big screen in the lounge. I have only been watching for about 5 years and have been reading manga for about the same amount of time. I will admit that since getting to college, I have not gotten current with a few mangas that I had been current with. I am working on that.


Anime: Free! Iwatobi Swim Club

Character: Makoto Tachibana Couple: (I ship them with myself? Not a legit ship? Damn. Sorry!) Rei and Nagisa (REIGISA!!!!)

Feel free to contact me personally at: broadwayotakufairy@gmail.com or on tumblr at broadwayotakufairy.

Disclaimer: I am currently a giant Netflix junkie and have been binge watching Supernatural for the past 5 months. And I am on Season 4. If I mention anything involving demons, please contact Feiyon because she literally will bang on my door until I open the door and will most likely take away all of my electronics.

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