Aesm – Day 6: Anime You Want To Watch But Haven’t

I asked Feiyon to make a review for Campione for me for today’s question.
Also, now that I’m back from the passover celebration I went to I will be catching up on the days I missed. I’m hoping to catch up on everything by midnight (here) tomorrow night (5 AM WordPress time).


Anime Review

Photo from Hulu

Photo from Hulu

Anime: Campione!

Episode Count: 13

Year: July – Sept 2012

Genre: Action, Harem, Magic, Fantasy, Ecchi, Romance, Comedy

You can watch it at:

Crunchyroll and Hulu with Japanese subs

Justdubs with English dub


Godou Kusanagi is an average human until he gets in the middle of fight between gods.

While Godou is traveling to return a stone tablet from his grandfather, he runs into a few problems. He meets a feisty blonde who doesn’t want him to have the tablet. Later he uses the tablet to stop the gods from fighting and accidentally absorbs one of the god’s powers. Godou is now entrusted with keeping the gods from destroying the world, with the help of many female worshipers from many different religions.


This is one of the first anime that I have watched as a simulcast. I enjoyed the anime, but it isn’t anything special. There are many good ecchi and battle scenes. The harem is strong in this anime too. It was interesting how the anime mixed in Greek mythology into the anime. It is a good watch for anyone who likes ecchi, harems, and action.


Animation: 8.5/10

The animation in this series was a bit better than average. The characters were nicely drawn and the battles were nicely animated. All the characters have good character designs.

Characters: 8.5/10

All the characters in the harem are all pretty average. I liked how they perceived all the characters and had all the characters bounce off each other. It was a fun mix of characters, but all the characters were stereotypical.

Main Characters:

Godou Kusanagi:

Screenshot from Crunchyroll

Godou Kusanagi – Screenshot from Crunchyroll

Godou Kursanagi is an average high school student until he stops a god battle and becomes a demi-god. He is like most boys and is interested in women, but easily embarrassed when women pursue him. He is nice and willing to help his friends when they are in need. He is also protective of his friends. Godou is always willing to find a solution that will be the best benefit to everyone involved.

Erica Blandelli:

Erica B d

Erica Blandelli
Photo from

Erica Blandelli is a member of the Copper Black Cross. She can be aggressive when first meeting people, but warms up to them if they find them important. She is Italian and works mainly in Milan, Italy. She is the closest female to Godou and isn’t worried about sharing him with others as long as he considers her his number one. Erica is very knowlegable and is able to help Godou a lot during fights. She uses a magical sword to battle. Erica enjoys teasing Godou in sensual ways which includes inside and outside the bedroom.

Yuri Mariya:

Yuri Mariya Photo from Wikia

Yuri Mariya
Photo from Wikia

Yuri Mariya is a part of the Japanese Magician Society. She has a high level of spiritual power that allows her to sense other spiritual beings. She is gentle and sweet, but she can be strict when it comes to inappropriate behavior. She claims to stay around Godou because he is the campione and the fix his behavior, but her true intentions are always obvious.

Plot: 9/10

The plot of the anime was interesting. It was fun watching the main character fight against different gods or demi-gods. The battles had a lot of action, but also a good amount of ecchi. The plot was the part of the anime that made it more memorable and different that most ecchi, harem, action anime.

Opening/Ending: 9/10

Album Cover Photo from Zerochan

Album Cover
Photo from Zerochan

I enjoyed the opening and ending of Campione! I liked the style that the producers choose for the songs. This songs can get boring after listening to them for a while, so it lost a point in this category.

How well the anime fits the main genre(s) (Action/Harem/Romcom): 10/10

This anime fit within these genres perfectly. It did a good job of mixing the three together though. There isn’t any boring moment. The anime does a good job of keeping the audience entertained taking turns between these genres.

Overall Opinion: 46/50

The anime was better than most action, harem, romcom that I’ve seen. I really enjoyed the mix of Greek mythology into the show. It is a show I would watch again and would suggest to other that like these types of shows.

Another great photo of Ericka Photo from imgur

Another great photo of Ericka
Photo from imgur




Aesm – Day 1: Gateway Anime

For most anime challenges, day 1 is usually “Your First Anime” or something along those lines. Feiyon and I decided to do our gateway anime because it’s closer to the “point I started watching anime”. For instance, I had watched a few short animes on recommendations from my friends, but I didn’t really get into it until I watched Death Note.

Anime Review: Death Note


Anime: DeathNote

Episode Count: 37

Year: 2006

Genre: Action

You Can Watch It At: Netflix


Light Yagami is a high school genius who wants to make his way through school and become a police officer like his father. His whole world changes, though, when he suddenly finds a book called the “Death Note”. The Death Note gives its holder the ability to kill anyone whose name and face they know by magically giving that person a heart attack. With his newly found power, Light takes upon himself the task of creating a new world free from evil, ruled by the God of Judgement, Kira. When the world police forces begin to see a connection between the criminal heart attack victims they hire the world’s greatest detective to find and put Kira to justice. This detective has never revealed his face or his name, he simply goes by “L”. The anime follows the story of Kira and L as they fight a battle of wits to create a new world, or save the old world.


Like I said above, this show cemented me as an anime fan. The war between Kira and L is a wonderful back and forth as the two men match each other’s wits blow for blow. I loved watching this and have since rewatched it several times. I have actually been asked what a good anime for someone who doesn’t watch anime is, and I always point them to Death Note.


Animation: 9/10

The character design and the use of color as representative of characters was all beautifully done. I would give it full points, except that I’m not a huge fan of the animation sequence during the second season’s OP.

Characters: 7/10

For a show about a serial killer being hunted by a detective, there was a surprising lack of characters that could be labelled as the “antagonist” of the show. I spent the entire time simultaneously rooting for both Kira and L. At least until L died. Near and Mello kind of pissed me off. Maybe I would have liked them a little more if the anime had followed their story more closely to the manga. I doubt it though.

Main Characters:

Light Yagami:

Light with the "Death Note"

Light with the “Death Note”

Light is the boy wonder that finds the Death Note. At first he is skeptical about its power but when he discovers the true capabilities of the notebook he takes it upon himself to purge the world of evil and create a new world order of peace, maintained by the God of Judgement Kira. Light is very cautious about his use of the notebook and takes a multitude of security measures to prevent his ownership of it being discovered. When L becomes suspicious and starts to suspect that Light may be Kira, Light puts a plan into action that would create the perfect alibi for him. He is a genius with a goal and refuses to let anything stand between him and the new order under the God Kira.


L -Codename: Ryuzaki

L -Codename: Ryuzaki

L is the detective tasked with discovering Kira’s identity and bringing the invisible killer to justice. He is a genius whose intellectual prowess in unmatched by anyone, save Light. L holds claim to the name of the three greatest detectives in the world. He has never failed to solve a case. When he is charged with Kira’s case, he focuses all his energy into finding the killer. As the show progresses, despite his suspicions and doubts about Light he comes to see Light as the only man he can consider to be a true friend.

Misa Amane:

Misa Misa

Misa Amane

Misa Amane (stage name Misa Misa) is a small time model whose parents were murdered. The murderer was judged by Kira and Misa falls in love with Kira because of it. She finds a Death Note of her own and uses its power to send a message to the True Kira (Light). When the two finally meet, Misa offers her power to magically discern the names of people she does not know in exchange for Light agreeing to be her boyfriend. Misa’s entire life revolves around serving Kira and though he has no real feelings for her, Light is willing to play along for the sake of using her for his own needs.

Plot: 10/10

The story of the intellectual hunters as they each seek to punish a man whose name they do not know is absolutely fantastic. Every time one makes a move, the other is always one step ahead, but the first was a step ahead of that. The back and forth nature of the war is a piece of beauty.

Opening/Ending: 6/10

As much as it pains me not to give a great score for a category, I simply was not a huge fan of the opening and ending for the second season. Every song was heavy and energetic, which fits the show quite well. Musically, though, I much prefer the first season.

How well the anime fits the genre (Action): 9/10

This show is jam packed full of action. It may not be sword-crossing or crazy explosions of magic, but there is never a dull moment.

Overall Opinion: 41/50

Death Note was just a great show. I’ve definitely enjoyed watching this the first time through and every time since. As a gateway anime, it did its job. I sat down thinking “Okay, I’ll watch this one and then be done with anime.” A day or so later I was contacting all my friends looking for recommendations. I needed more.


XXX +1/365


30 Day April Anime Challenge

Hey guys, Aesm here. Starting tomorrow, Feiyon and I are starting a 30 day anime challenge. Every day, we will each make a post. Here are our rules:

1. Every day we must answer a question from the given list, the question must correspond to the date (i.e. we cannot answer question 14 on the 8th)

2. Whatever our answer is, we must post a review related to it. If the question is about a character, we make a character review. If it’s about a scene or show we will make an anime review.

3. We cannot repeat anything we have previously done, this includes previously in the challenge as well as before we began it.

4. We cannot share any answers, even if they are for the same question. We must each come up with our own answer.

5. We may only use one character from each show

6. This rule overrides rule 5, we are each allowed ONE character from a show that has been previously used (In case we each want to pick a character from a single show or something)

7. If any of these rules prevent us from using our actual answer, we will also say what our answer would be, if the rules were not in play

8. Both participants must make a post each day titled with our name and the prompt. Example: Aesm – Day 1: Gateway Anime

9. As a general rule for the blog, we only write about shows and characters from shows we have finished at least one season of

30 Day Challenge

These are the prompts we will be using. I hope you guys enjoy our challenge. If you guys would like to join our challenge, we’d love it if you would comment your answers on your favorite post for each day.

As an additional note, for the duration of the challenge, Background Mondays will be on hiatus (Feel free to make requests though for after the challenge.)

We decided to do this partly because it sounded fun, but also partly to get back into the rhythm of posting daily.

* Note: When picking an anime we have not seen but want to, we will be choosing from each other’s lists and writing a review for the show the other person picked.

Lastly, if you’ve been keeping track, I’m a bit behind on my posts but I finally got a new keyboard with all working keys (Look at this sexy E, the key works) so I am now able to catch up on my late posts. Keep an eye out for them.

~Aesm XXX/365

WittyAnimeViewers Outing

Today, our lovely cult decided to hit the town to go to some comic shops, card shops and the zoo. Sadly, my request to go to the zoo did not go through. Feiyon lead us 30 minutes walking down a street in the wrong direction, to go 30 minutes back to the car. As we walked back to the car, we decided not to go to the zoo. Feiyon got a box and a booster box for SAO Volume 2 Weiss Schwarz, Aesm got a box and a trial deck of Nisekoi Weiss Schwarz, our friend X got 4 booster packs of SAO Wiess Schwarz and I got 2 booster packs of Love Live Weiss Schwarz. I also bought an the first issue of Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles published in 1986!  So while my original plan for the day was not completed, the WittyAnimeViewers dubbed today’s outing a success! 

We are now back to campus to open our cards and to play another tournament. I will probably loose. One day, I shall beat Feiyon.


SPECIAL: WittyAnimeViewers Roadtrip

Hello, this is Broadwayotakufairy! Today the WittyAnimeViewers are leaving our beloved second floor lounge, rooms and campus to head out into the real world for a day… To get more anime stuff. Oh and we are going to the zoo, because I requested that part. If we aren’t posting as much as normal today that is why. We will be in and out through out the day. 


Feiyon taking a day off

Hey guys, Aesm here. Feiyon and I had a fun little game we’ve been playing all day. We came up with a story that Feiyon’s mother is forcing her to give up everything related to anime so she can focus on schoolwork. The story is that late last night, Feiyon and her mother got into a heated argument over the phone that I overheard. The end result of the call was that Feiyon must give up anime and she has no choice. Starting last night, Feiyon has been telling all of our friends that she has given anime up for school reasons and that she has no say in the matter. I have been reinforcing the idea by telling the story myself as a “witness”. Feiyon will post later letting you all know how it was for her and her take on the situation.

If you want to try the anime free day with your friends, here are the rules she set for herself.

1. Only one person can know the truth. Work with that person to develop a believable story for why you are suddenly giving up anime. This person can also tell you other people’s reactions you aren’t around to see.

2. You not only give up anime, you give up everything related to it. No anime, no manga, no fanfictions, no anime based games (including but not limited to Weiss Schwarz)

3. You may not watch, read, or talk about any of the above.

4. You must hold this facade for at least 24 hours.

It’s 11:45 here as I’m typing this. It’s taken me over 4 hours to write this short post without making anyone suspicious of what I’m doing. Feiyon will be on later to let you know how everything went.


Anime Review: Sekirei (postponed)

Anime: Sekirei

Episode Count: 12 (+ 1 OVA)

Year: 2008

Genre: Action, Ecchi

You can watch it at: or (justdubs does not have the OVA)


Minato Sahashi failed his college entrance exam once again due to his inability to think under pressure. While sulking, he runs into a girl named Musubi who asks him to become her “Ashikabi”. As it turns out, Musubi is a part of a secret game being run by a company known as MBI. She is a Sekirei: one of 108 warrior women that must fight to the death.


This is a fantastic show full of epic battles and fan service. ’nuff said.


Animation: 8/10

Male characters look kind of awkward and the motion can be just a tad choppy

Characters: 8/10

Okay, this is driving me up a wall. My laptop’s E, D, and C keys aren’t working well and I’ve been forced to type with my obnoxious virtual keyboard. So, while I rage indefinitely at my laptop, please enjoy this completely unrelated picture of a neko-girl.

Not from Sekirei. I'm just raging.

Not from Sekirei. I’m just raging.


Anime Review: Gonna be the Twintail!

Tails Blue, Red, and Yellow

Tails Blue, Red, and Yellow

Anime: Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu

Novel: Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu

Episode Count: 12

Year: 2014

You can watch it at:

Summary: Mitsuka Souji is a first year in high school with an overly developed adoration for the twintails hairstyle. One day, a beautiful girl named Twoearle appears and gives him a bracelet that uses his love for twintails to turn him into a beautiful twintailed girl named “Tail Red”. Red uses the power of twintails to fight off the Elemelians that wish to steal all fetishes from the world. The Elemelians are creatures that take the shape of monstrous animals and embody a fetish.

Recommendation: If you enjoy hero shows, this is a great one.


Animation: 10/10

The animation style for this show is fantastic.The show exemplified beautiful backgrounds, well designed characters, and great battle scenes.

Characters: 10/10

Main Characters:

Mitsuka Souji

Mitsuka Souji

Mitsuka Souji:

Souji is a high school student with a disturbing attachment to twintails. He loves them. He worships them. Twintails are his world. When Twoearle appears and gives him the TailGear so he can defend his beloved twintails he jumps in to protect what he loves. Yeah, he saves the world too, but that’s bonus. Twintails will be safe. Near the end of the show after Dark Grasper kisses Tail Red Souji begins to question his love for twintails and finds himself transformed into a girl indefinitely. The girl is not Red, as one might expect. She is taller, has a different face, and larger boobs. During his time as a girl Souji goes by the name Solar and is unable to revert to his male form until his twintails appear to him in his min and put an end to his doubts. As Tail Red Souji’s prefered weapon is a sword by the name of “Blazer Blade”. Blazer Blade opens and ignites itself during Red’s “Brake Release”: “Grand Blazer”.

Tsube Aika

Tsube Aika

Tsube Aika:

Aika is Souji’s twintailed best friend. Aika is undoubtedly in love with Souji and even has his mother’s blessing to be his romantic partner. Aika’s love manifests itself in her twintails, she maintains them and cares for them as they are a connection that binds Souji and her together. Aika gets jealous easily and often beats on Twoearle when Twoearle attempts to seduce Souji. When Souji is having difficulty against the Elemelian Fox Guildy, Aika claims a TailGear of her own and becomes Tail Blue. Blue wields a trident that she throws when fighting Elemelians. When an Elemelian comments on her bust size though, she opts to discard the trident and pound the beast to death with her bare hands. Blue uses a power known as Elemelition to use the fetish affinities of Elemelians they’ve already defeated in battle for her own reasons.

Shindou Erina

Shindou Erina

Shindou Erina:

Erina is the student council president at the school Souji, Aika and she attend. Erina falls in love with Tail Red after being saved by her and quickly discovers that Red’s true identity is Souji. After Twoearle develops the third TailGear with a hybrid twintail-big breast core Erina joins the twintails as Tail Yellow. When she first joins she is unable to use her power as she claims to hate twintails. She wears them because it is a family tradition she cannot escape. Erina, with the help of Souji, discovers her true love for twintails and decides that Souji will become her master. She often begs Souji to treat her like a dog requesting that he demand she “stay” rather than “stand by”. Yellow’s armor is a series of guns that she sheds after firing. For her Brake Release Yellow’s armor forms a massive rifle that fires into her back, propelling her forward in a massively powerful kick.




Twoearle is a human from a parallel world that had been defeated by the Elemelians. On her world, Twoearle had used the blue TailGear to fight off the Elemelians but ended up accidentally feeding them the energy they needed to devour the energy of the planet. Twoearle decided to shed her own Twintail Affinity to develop the red TailGear that she gave to Souji. On Souji’s world, Twoearle is a perverted, busty woman that wants nothing more than for Souji to save his world like she could not. Well, maybe she wants into Souji’s pants a little more, but who knows?

Plot: 10/10

The story in Twintail was great. Alien invaders come to steal the energy from the world through fetishes and only a warrior whose life is dedicated to his love of twintails can fight them off. When a buddy suggested this to me my immediate reaction was “This sounds dumb but funny”. When I started watching it, though, I realized I was half wrong. It’s fantastic and funny. The twintails fight off the Elemelians to protect the fetishes of the world while Twoearle, Aika, and Erina subtly fight over Souji’s romantic love. (Hint: His only love is twintails.)

Opening/Ending: 10/10

I usually enjoy the opening and ending of most shows, but I enjoy them in that they fit the show. Twintail is one of the few shows whose opening I enjoyed enough to actively listen to even when I wasn’t watching the show. For Feiyon that may not be very big, but for me it’s a huge deal. Great songs. Very enjoyable.

How well it fits the genre (Action/Comedy): 10/10

My roommate and I started this show together and agree the fights are pretty great and it’s absolutely hysterical. There’s just enough romance for it to be made fun of, but not enough that the show would really be a romance.

Overall Opinion: 50/50

Yes. I have nothing else to say, just yes.