High School of the Dead Challenge (Complete)

Mission complete!

Wallpaper from Wallpaper Abyss

Wallpaper from Wallpaper Abyss

It has been 14 hours and 11 cans of monster later since Aesm and I finished out High School of the Dead challenge. It was a lot of fun, but we did worry our friends a bit.

The official rules for the challenge:

  1. We switched between shots of water and monster throughout the series.
  2. Take a shot for every ecchi scene
    1. Panty Shots
    2. Boob Grabs
    3. Stripping
    4. Emphasis on Boobs or Butt
    5. Boob Physics
      1. Not including boob jiggles. (We thought that might be to much.)

In the end we took 151 shots for the entire series including all 12 episodes and only 2 openings. We thought we had enough for the OVA, but we were completely wrong. This was definatly a fun experience, but next time we will need more monster and we will include boob jiggles.

Episode Shot Counts

Opening: 9

Ending (All): 0

Episode 1: 15

Episode 2: 8

Episode 3: 4

Episode 4: 9

Episode 5: 15

Episode 6: 36 (We enjoyed this episode a bit to much.)

Episode 7: 22

Episode 8: 19

Episode 9: 3

Episode 10: 6

Episode 11: 8

Episode 12: 7

Although we didn’t finish the OVA, we kept count for the next time.

OVA: 44

This was a really fun challenge to do. If you have any ideas for more challenges, we would be willing to give them a shot. Post them in the comments section.