Manga Review: Love Flag Girls!!

Lucia on the left and Eliana on the right

Lucia on the left and Eliana on the right

Manga: Love Flag Girls!!

Mangaka: Takahashi Itsumi

Volume/Chapter: 1 Volume/ 8 Chapters

Year: 2010

Genre: Comedy, Yuri

Where you can read it: Dynasty Scans (Translated by: Lililicious)


Lucia is the princess of a kingdom. Her mother, the queen, constantly complains about the pirate Maria stole her cross. Because of her mother, Lucia doesn’t like pirates. To help cheer up her mother, Lucia attempts to get back the cross by joining a pirate crew. There she meets Lucia’s daughter Eliana. Lucia attempts to hide her identity while living the life of a pirate. She finds that not everything that is said about pirates is true and starts growing closer to the crew.


I really enjoyed this manga. The character were cute and fun and the drawings are nicely drawn. I would suggest this manga to anyone who wants a nice yuri fluff. It is a short and simple story. Warning these is sex scenes in this manga. Also don’t expect to much romance.


Drawing Style: 8/10

The drawing style is shoujo style. It has the big eyes and flowing hair. I really liked the artist’s style in this manga. For the more serious scenes she used more detailed characters. In the more comedic scenes, the artist used chibis or not as detailed drawings to add to the comedy of the manga.

Characters: 8/10

All the character were simple and fun. Nothing to really complain about.

Main Characters:


Lucia is a pretty naive princess who has not left the kingdom before. She doesn’t know much about working, and she quickly gets roped into Eliana’s antics. Lucia cares a lot about her mother, and she wishes her mother to be happy. Lucia’s character is a great match with Eliana’s crazy nature.


Eliana is the daughter of the pirate Maria. She runs the ship herself with the help of Isabella. Eliana is very honest about her feelings, and she often likes to mess around with the crew members. She is good at helping Lucia become more open with the world. Eliana is a fun character that is very entertaining throughout the whole series.

Plot: 7/10

Lucia wants to obtain the cross that her mother lost. However there are fun pirate scenes too.

How well the manga fits the genre(s) (Comedy/Yuri): 9/10

This manga has a bunch of comedy and yuri. There are a good amount of scenes where the two main characters are having sex. I love the comedy because its just amusing. It is light humor where the characters do silly things.

Overall Opinion: 32/40

I really enjoy reading this manga. I love the two main characters. They are well drawn and well characterized. Eliana and Lucia’s relationship is light and fluffy, but they also are serious when necessary.



Manga Review: Seiyuu Ka!

Seiyuu.Ka-!.full.255470Manga: Seiyuu Ka! (Voice Over!: Seiyuu Academy)

Mangaka: Maki Minami

Volume/Chapter: 12 Volumes/ 70 Chapters

Year: June 2009 to February 2013

Genre: Drama, Romance, School, Shoujo, Gender Blend

Where you can read it: (Online)

The anime is licensed, so you can get it on Amazon for around $9 (Paperback)

There is also a drama CD what you can listen to on YouTube.

Summary: The manga focuses on Hime Kino. Hime is translated to princess in Japanese, and Hime has never felt like she has lived up to her name. Her younger sister, who is a famous child model, has always been the “princess” in the family. It wasn’t until she met the lead voice actress of Mahou Senshi Lovely Blazers, Sakura Aoyama, that she felt she could be a princess too. Sakura told Hime that she should also help others like the Lovely Blazers. Hime took these words to heart, and she has dreamed of becoming a voice actress ever since.

The manga starts on Hime’s first day at Hiiragi Academy. This is a school has special teaching departments in sports, acting, music, media communication, and voice acting. It is also the academy where Sakura Aoyama attended. Hime has already gotten into the voice acting program, and she is excited to finally achieve her dream. The only thing holding her back is her own voice. When she tries to act, her voice sounds awful. Hime must overcome her own physical limitations to finally become the a Lovely Blazer.


I would recommend this manga to anyone who enjoys watching a character slowly achieve their dreams. There is a bunch of humor that follows with the story. The author also adds in some attractive guys to help Hime and to want her attention. I would suggest this manga for when someone who has a lot of time on their hands or can read manga at a healthy pace. I personally really enjoyed this story and had a hard time putting it down. There always seemed to be a cliff hanger that got you reading to the next chapter. This story is also good for anyone who enjoys romantic comedies. It is equivalent to this mangaka’s other series, Special A, where there was a bit more comedy than romance. The story is really cute and it is amazing to watch the characters grow, so if you enjoy these sorts of stories I would suggest this manga. On a side note, don’t worry about the gender-blending. Hime just has to dress and act as a boy for a while, so it isn’t that serious of a gender-blender.


Drawing Style: 6/10

I didn’t really like the style of art this manga had. I think it fit the story well, but I lacked in ability. I think the lines were a bit to lose at times. As I continued reading the manga, it got better and I got a bit more used to the style.

Characters: 8/10

All the characters in this series are lovable but also average. I like how the author allows you to get to know the characters as the story progresses, and some of the characters have a few special qualities, but most of them are stereotypical for their character type.

Main Characters:

Hime dressed as Shiro

Hime dressed as Shiro

Hime “Shiro” Kino:

Hime is the main character of the manga series. She is a power driven girl who is only chasing after her dream. Hime’s mother looks down on Hime and cares more about Hime’s little sister than Hime. Her mother doesn’t think Hime can do anything right, so when Hime searchs for her mother’s approval. Hime cannot hide her emotions, so usually her actions are a clear indication about how she feels. The whole manga Hime inspires to become a great voice actress, but her voice doesn’t allow her to achieve her dream. When she tries to act, her voice sounds like an old man. Eventually Hime gets better at voice acting when she visualizes the character she wants to play or puts on Mizuki Haruyama’s glasses to blur her vision. Hime gets her debut after the manager of the idol group AQUA hears her voice acting a prince. She is excited about debuting, but the only catch is she has to debut as a boy named Shiro. Eventually, Hime becomes a great voice actress after lots of coaching and experience and achieves her dream of becoming the lead Lovely Blazer.

Hime on the left and Seri on the right

Hime on the left and Seri on the right

Seri Kodou

Seri Kodou is the son of the famous actress Sakura Aoyama. He himself has become a talented voice actor. Seri is popular at school because of his fame, but he tends to keep to himself. Hime and Seri don’t get along at the beginning because Seri hates his mother. They eventually get to know each other better, but Hime is dressed as Shiro at the time. Seri’s father is usually to busy with work to come home, so Seri lives alone with a bunch of stray cats he has picked up off the street. He knows all his cats really well and cares a lot about them. He also has a weakness for cute thing, and Shiro and Hime fall under that category for him. This causes Seri to act strange towards Hime sometimes. It is later learned in the series that Seri acts cold towards people because he has hurt his two closest friends in the past. When growing up, his mother would leave a scenario on a board to tell Seri what type of playing they would do. He feels because of this, Seri doesn’t know who he actually is because he always feels like he is acting. In grade school, Seri thought everyone was acting, so that led to misunderstandings. Although this helped Seri’s acting skills, Seri still has a hard time interacting with other people. Seri turns out to be a sweet character that cares a lot about Shiro and eventually a great counterpart to Hime.


Todoroki Tsukino

Todoroki Tsukino

Todoroki Tsukino is Hime’s closest female friend. She appears more in the first half of the manga when the setting of the manga is more at school. Todoroki wants to become a voice actress because she used to enjoy reading to other people as a child. She however had a traumatic experience in middle school where the girls accused her of using a cute voice to seduce the voice. The truth was Todoroki just had a soft voice. Her middle school teacher helped Todoroki deal with this problem and also suggest to Todoroki to become a voice actress. However, this complex doesn’t stop in high school. Todoroki is still worried about her voice, but Hime’s compliments about her voice makes Todoroki feel better and attach to Hime. Todoroki seems like a sweet gentle girl, but when angered she will use black magic against the person she is angry at.

Plot: 8/10

I enjoyed the plot of this manga. I liked how it focused on voice acting. That is interesting to me personally. I liked how all the characters slowly grew stronger from the different experiences that happened. The author did a good job at help each one grow in their own way. It started from the beginning where Hime just started school and built up to the point where Hime got a huge voice acting role. I loved the ending because it really brought the whole story around. The characters all helped the plot move well together. I thought the plot was better than some manga, but wasn’t amazing.

How well the manga fits the genre(s) (Drama/Romance): 9/10

The manga has good dramatic scenes, but the romance kind of lacks in this manga. The drama focuses more on Hime trying hard to become a good Seiyuu and at some point romance started becoming a problem in the manga. The build up between Shiro/Hime and Seri was really cute. I enjoyed all the scenes between Hime and Seri, but Shiro and Seri allowed the two to become close friends. I think a good manga should have a better balance between Drama and Romance than this manga, so it lost a point.

Overall Opinion: 31/40

I thought this manga was adorable. I really like the struggles each character had to go through. It really helped each character grow in skill and personality. I was a bit sad that Todoroki wasn’t shown as much in the second half, but I loved Hime’s character. She was always driven to pursue her dreams and didn’t let anyone stop her. Even during the roughest times, Hime found some way to pull through. The romance in this story was cute too, but the seiyuu part caught my interest more.



Manga Review: Twin Cake

Twin Cake Cover Susuran on the left and Kaede on the right

Twin Cake Cover
Susuran on the left and Kaede on the right

Manga: Twin Cake

Mangaka: Aoi Hana

Volume/Chapter: 1 Volume/ 7 Chapters + 1 Postscript

Year: 2011

Genre: Yuri, Romance, Idol

Where you can read it: Dynasty-scans [Translated by: Kawaii Scans]

Summary: Kaede Ousaka was enchanted by the model Susuran, so when Twinkle productions, the company that also produced Susuran, scouts Kaede, she immediately says yes. The company wants to sell Kaede by giving her jobs that show off her body, but Kaede refuses those jobs. Kaede doesn’t become popular after her debut, so she ends up doing desk work for the company. One day, Kaede was forced to becoming the manager of Susuran because Susuran’s other manager became ill. Kaede was excited at the aspect of finally meeting Susuran, but Kaede might be surprised how different her idolized vision of Susuran is compared to the real person.


This is one of the many yuri manga I go back to when I want to read a cute yuri story. I would suggest this manga who enjoys developing feelings and doesn’t mind slight angst. There is a good amount of nudity in this manga. Also the ending chapter has a small sex scene, so if you don’t like that, you have been warned. This is not something to read if you are looking for gorgeous art. The art is simple and cute. The story in general is adorable. It is about two characters who connect over time and realize there feelings.


Drawing Style: 6/10

The drawing style of this manga was average. I think it was simple and got the story across. All the characters were cute and I liked all the different facial expressions. It did have a few scenes where the angels were a bit awkward. In general, the art for this manga was average, but the mangaka defiantly pulled through during important scenes in the manga.

Characters: 7/10

All the characters in this manga were normal. They were all your stereotypical characters in most manga. The characters were lovable but nothing really stood out about the characters in general.

Main Characters:

Kaede Ousaka:

Kaede is a nineteen year old model who hasn’t hit it large in the industry. She really liked the model Susuran, so when asked to be a model, she accepted the job. She is tall and has large breasts. This causes many people to believe she should use her physical aspects to become a well-known model. Kaede doesn’t know anything about being a manager when she becomes Susuran’s manager, so Kaede becomes more like a gopher to Susuran. Kaede slowly develops her feelings for Susuran as she learns more about her. She is good at comforting Susuran when Susuran needs it. Kaede is driven to become a better manager for Susuran at the of the manga.


Susuran is a bit of a tsundere character. She has been in the industry since she was twelve, but she didn’t get many jobs between the age of twelve to nineteen. She suddenly was chosen to be the image model for a cosmetic company that sold really well after Susuran modeled for them. She is sometimes looked down on by other models, but she continues to stride forward. Although she doesn’t admit it easily, she enjoys the praise she gets from Kaede after doing a good job. Susuran has had problems with managers in the past. She later states that she only really pictures her first managers as her manager, and it is learned later that Susuran has a crush on this manager.

Plot: 7/10

This is a simple discovery of feelings, hiding feelings, then acceptance of feelings manga. The interesting part is that they are models. Like most manga with this plot, the Kaede has a deep admiration for Susuran that later becomes feelings of love. Kaede attempts to hide these feelings while Susuran sees her first manager again. Kaede tries to kiss Susuran multiple times, and Susuran notices every time. In the end Susuran is forced to choose between Kaede and her old manager, in which she chooses Kaede. Susuran tells Kaede she feels the same way, and they end up happy together. It never really explains how Susuran, who has loved her manager for years, would easily give up that love for Kaede. Susuran says its because Kaede knows the Susuran of today, but not much of Susuran’s contemplating is told since the whole story is in Kaede’s point of view.

How well the manga fits the genre(s) (Yuri/Romance): 6/10

The yuri aspect is held out the entire time. Like most yuri manga, all the characters introduced seem to all be lesbian, which isn’t that normal in the real world. The romance was cute, but standard. I did enjoy the build up between these two as they started to trust each other more.

Overall Opinion: 26/40

I enjoy this story because it is simple and cute. It is a standard yuri manga though. There is nothing that makes this manga extraordinary. I’ve read this manga a few times when I need some cute yuri story. I liked the characters because their relationship amused me.



Manga Review: Girl Friends

Mari on the Left and Akko on the Right

Mari on the Left and Akko on the Right

Manga: Girl Friends

Mangaka: Milk Morinaga

Volume/Chapter: Japanese: 5 Volumes/ 35 Chapters + 9 Extras

English: 2 Volumes/ 35 Chapters + 9 Extras

Year: Japan: October 21, 2006 to August 21,2010

Genre: Yuri, Romance, Drama, Slice of Life, School

Where you can read it: Buy the volumes online or at Barnes and Noble


This series focuses on Mariko Kumakura and Akko Oohashi as they become friends. At first Mari is a quiet book-worm who is good at studying. She doesn’t have many friends until Akko pushes her way into Mari’s life. Akko teaches Mari about fashion, make up, and friendship. As Mari and Akko grow closer, Mari realizes that she might have more than feelings of friendship towards Akko.


I would recommend this manga to anyone who can handle angst and like love stories. The reason why I love this manga so much is because of the build of the story and the characters. Milk did a wonderful job creating this story because the characters are related and the plot never gets boring. Something always seems to be happening in the story challenging the bond between the two main characters, Mari and Akko. I would highly suggest anyone who likes yuri to read this manga. It has become a classic because the manga is that amazing. I would also suggest this to anyone who likes romance. I will warn you the romance builds slowly, but it is really amazing to watch these two grow to love each other in a “more than friends” way.


Drawing Style: 10/10

I really enjoyed the drawing style of this manga. As you continue to read, you can tell the slight difference between the characters drawn at the beginning of the manga compared to the end. I love the way Milk drew her characters. The lines are light making the hair seem wispy, and I love the different hair styles. To me, the bangs on the girls look really nice, and I like Sugu’s wavy hair. I also like the expressions the characters have. They are very simply drawn, but there is a lot of emotion coming out of the facial expressions and the positions the characters are in. It is always easy to tell what the characters are thinking. The last part I enjoyed about his manga was the backgrounds. Milk did not draw a lot of detailed background, which I also liked because it seemed to allow the characters to come out more. When the backgrounds were added, they were simple, so they didn’t distract from the character, but the background also allowed the reader to feel where the characters were in the story. I really enjoyed every page of this manga visually.

This is from the Extras. Here are all the characters in chibi form.

This is from the Extras. Here are all the characters in chibi form.

Characters: 11/10

I know that I am breaking past my own limit on how amazing characters can be, but I believe the characters in the manga were ultra amazing. Milk did a great job in creating every character in the manga. Every one seemed important, and the reader also got to know the side characters well. Milk did a wonderful job in creating characters that are easily relatable and easy to care about and love.

Main Characters

Mariko Kumakura:

Mariko was a shy girl who didn’t have many friends more most of her life. The only friend that she really remembered was a girl from elementary school. Between then and high school, Mariko has been focusing more on her studies, which benefited her academically. During class she would read during break, and it seemed like it was hard for other girls to approach her. Mariko always wished to become friends with other girls to know what they talked about, but she was always to shy to talk to others. Eventually, someone broke into Mariko’s world. After a test, Akko Oohashi, Mariko’s classmate, started conversing with Mariko and they started hanging out more and more. Akko also gave Mariko the nickname Mari.

Mari was a bit awkward at first because she didn’t know Akko that well. Eventually they became close friends, then best friends. Because the manga starts in Mari’s perspective, the inner thoughts of Mari are often expressed to the reader. It is interesting to watch as Akko and Mari’s relationship progress in Mari’s eyes. I love the way that there are subtle changes between each stage. Milk does a great job of describing Mari’s feelings during the time Mari falls in love with Akko. One example would be when Mari is excited to be Akko’s best friend compared to when Mari discovers she loves Akko. The excitement of being Akko’s best friend quickly changes to dread. Mari has to deal with her feeling for a long time, and she tries hard to hide them the whole time because she fears Akko will find her feelings disgusting. Mari often puts her friends before others and tries not to do anything that could cost her friends. Mari’s character goes through a lot of hardship, but it helps her grow and prepare for the time Akko is able to return Mari’s feelings.

Akko Being Embraced by Mari

Akko Being Embraced by Mari

Akko Oohashi:

Akko Oohashi is a forward character. She is the first to approach Mari because she doesn’t want Mari to feel alone. It is later explained that Akko had a point in her life where she didn’t have many friends. Because she was able to get through this, she wanted to help Mari get through it too. Akko is a bit of an airhead. She often gets teased by her friends for her actions. However, Akko does know a lot about fashion and make-up and is able to teach Mari about this. She transforms Mari from a quiet girl to a cute popular girl.

Because Akko is airhead, she is also quite dense to Mari’s feelings. Akko usual goes to her friend Sugu when she needs relationship help, but she does it by asking for help indirectly. Akko has a tough time being able to hide her feelings too. She eventually becomes the one driving the relationship. Akko character is great because she continues to drive forward.

Plot: 11/10

I love the plot of this series, so it also got a rating that exceeded my standard rating system. The plot of this story is so amazing because it flows so well. The characters always seem to be facing a problem, and it usually happens after one character discovered more about themselves.

The plot of the story goes from Mari and Akko becoming friends to Mari and Akko having to face life after high school. I love the character development that is made through out this story by Mari and Akko. The first half of the story is in Mari’s point of view. She describes all her feelings of Akko and her relationship as they grow from friends to best friends to the point Mari discovers her crush. The point Mari discovers the crush, she decides to hide this from Akko because she feels like Akko would be disgusted by Mari’s feelings. It eventually becomes easier for Mari hide because she gets a boyfriend to try to fall in love with and forget her feelings for Akko. During this time, Akko discovers that she loves Mari back, but she feels she has discovered this to late. The story slowly shifts to Akko’s point of view around the time Mari get’s a boyfriend to allow the reader to watch Akko discover her feelings. Eventually, Mari becomes single again, but the two have a hard time communicating, so their mutual romance is still delayed. Milk does a great job holding out until the last second before allowing the two characters to admit their feelings. It keeps the readers in angst, but once the two characters get together it is the cutest scene ever. Milk doesn’t stop the story there either. She continues to write about the challenges the two must face after high school. I love the plot of this story because it is easy to relate too, but also it never seems to slow down.

The manga is a simple story about the love between two high school girls, but it also more than that. It follows the emotions behind every action and thought these girls have. It questions the boundary between friendship and love, and it expresses the fear of admitting your feelings to the other, your friends, and society.

How well the manga fits the genre(s) (Drama/Romance): 10/10

As pointed out in the plot, there is a lot of drama and romance in this story. Neither the drama or the romance every get boring in the series. There is always some problem going on between some characters. The romance in this story is adorable too. You get to watch as Mari and Akko slowly grow closer to each other. There is also some other side romance stories too. This manga has great drama that helps build the romance between the two main characters in this series.

Overall Opinion: 42/40

I love this series, and it is my favorite yuri manga of all time. I love the character, plot, and art. Milk has a great way of expressing her characters. The characters must just through a lot of hoops to reach their goals, but in the end it is worth watching them do it. It was easy to get dragged into the story because the characters were so relatable. The thoughts Mari have are similar to any girl in love with a friend, although probably easier to relate to if you happen to love someone of the same gender. The feeling of breaking the friend barrier can always be scary because you don’t want to lose that other person. I’ve read this series multiple times, and every time I fall more in love with it.

There is also a drama cd, so you can follow along with the manga while listening to the characters read the lines in Japanese.

There is also a drama cd, so you can follow along with the manga while listening to the characters read the lines in Japanese.



Side Note: I lost the first draft I had for this review and felt rushed to rewrite it all. Hopefully this second draft is able to express my feelings just as well as the first draft did.

Manga Review: Roundabout

This is the first page of the manga. Translated by Lililicious.

This is the first page of the manga. Translated by Lililicious.

Manga: Roundabout

Mangaka: Hiyori Otsu

Volume/Chapter: One-Shot/ 1 Chapter

Year: Japan: September 2011

Genre: Shoujo Ai, Romance, Drama, Slice of Life

Where you can read it: (Translated by: Lililicious)


The story focuses on Asami Kawahara as she is trying to get revenge on her girl friend. Back in high school Asami dated Chiharu Oono until Chiharu suddenly disappeared. Asami was hurt by that experience, but when Chiharu didn’t recognize Asami seven years later, Asami was hurt even more. Asami then planned to make Chiharu feel the same pain as Asami did back then.


I know I just suggested another manga by Hiyori Otsu, but I wanted to talk about this manga too. I love this one shot. The art is pretty and the story is simple and cute. I suggest this manga for everyone who enjoys cute yuri stories.


Drawing Style: 9/10

I love the way this mangaka draws characters. I like how she was able to show the growth in the characters why changing them a bit between high school and adult hood. I love the backgrounds too. The background look so simple, but they are actually really detailed.

Characters: 8/10

The manga is only one chapter, but Hiyori Otsu made it easy to connect to the characters feelings in the manga.

Main Characters

Asami Kawahara:

Asami is a simple sweet girl in love until her girl friend disappears one day. After hearing rumors about her girl friend cheating on her with four other girls, Asami starts getting angrier at her girl friend. It hurts the worst when Chiharu doesn’t recongnize her when they met each other seven years later because Asami knows it is Chiharu right away. Asami then comes up with a plan to make Chiharu pay for what she did to Asami years ago. Asami doesn’t deal well with her emotions, but she is weak to Chiharu. Chiharu is good at subduing Asami when Asami is angry.

Chiharu Oono:

Chiharu is a popular cool girl in high school. She and Asami were secretly dating in high school until Chiharu dissapears. She states that she was to scared to tell Asami that she was going to leave. Chiharu doesn’t remember Asami when they meet seven years later, but she falls in love with Asami again even when Chiharu doesn’t remember Asami. Chiharu doesn’t try to hard for herself, but for Asami she is willing to work hard. She is good at smooth lines which help cool doewn Asami’s anger.

Plot: 8/10

The plot of this manga is cute and simple. I really liked the plot because it was different than most mangas. It has stuck out in my manga list because the story is so adorable.

How well the manga fits the genre(s) (Drama): 8/10

I really liked the drama in this manga. It was adorable watching the characters work through their problems.

Overall Opinion: 33/40

I love this manga one-shot. It is really cute and sweet. I love the drama between the two characters. The characters are easy to connect to. I also love the comedy of how easy Chiharu gets out of the whole situation. This is a great manga for five minutes of adorable yuri love.



Manga Review: Mizuiro Cinema

Title Page (Downloaded from Lililicious)

Title Page
(Downloaded from Lililicious)

Manga: Mizuiro Cinema (Aqua Blue Cinema)

Mangaka: Hiyori Otsu

Volume/Chapter: 1 Volume/ 6 Chapters + Afterword

Year: Japan: Sept 6, 2009 to May 18, 2010

Genre: Shoujo Ai, Romance, Drama, Slice of Life

Where you can read it: (Translated by: Lililicious)


This manga follows the child actor Yui Misaki as she gets over her first love with a little help from a new friend.


I would suggest this manga if you need a quick yuri fix. The story isn’t that long, but it is enough for the reader to fall in love with the characters and their story. The characters in this story are fun to watch. They have different personalities, but together the two girl’s click. The drama in the series is great too. It is enough tension to make the reader keep reading to the end. I love this manga when I need a little bit of sweet yuri love. Hopefully you can enjoy this story too.


From Chapter 2 Page 26-27 Page cleaned and translated by lililicious

From Chapter 2 Page 26-27
Page Cleaned and Translated by Lililicious

Drawing Style: 8/10

I really enjoy the drawing style of this manga. Although I love the stereotypical shoujo style, I really enjoy the simplicity of the drawings in this manga. The author is able to give the characters so much expression through only a few lines. The backgrounds drawn in the manga are amazing too. They are nicely detailed, but not enough to take away from the characters in the manga.

Characters: 9/10

All the characters in this manga are relatable. They all have different personalities, and their personalities also drive their actions in this manga. The mangaka did a great job making these characters.

Main Characters

Yui Misaki:

Yui Misaki is a senior in highschool. People claim that she looks older than her age. She is working hard to pursue a career as an actress. Yui has no romantic interest in men. She isn’t always honest about her real feelings, but she isn’t scared to share them when she is puts her mind to it. She has a hard time dealing with pain, so she puts a wall around herself for protection.

Tae Hasumi:

Tae Hasumi is a senior in high school, but everyone thinks she looks like a child. She often gets treated like a child until people are told her real age. She is nice and innocent. She gets stuck becoming Yui’s assistant in the manga because Yui claims Tae owes her a lot of money. Tae easily gets strung along by people because she trusts to easily. She doesn’t realize that how innocent she is, but that makes her adorable.


Yui on the left and Mizuki on the right. (Cleaned and Translated by Lililicious)

Yui on the left and Mizuki on the right.
(Cleaned and Translated by Lililicious)

Mizuki is the girl that cheated on Yui. She only appears in the later part of the manga. She comes to get Yui back, and in the process she pressures Tae to leave. Mizuki is shot down by Yui, but she and Yui seem to be on okay terms in the end.

Plot: 10/10

I enjoy the plot of this manga since the first time I read it. The mangaka keep the plot simple, relatable, and doesn’t drag on. The building of romance is adorable too. You notice the subtle changes in the characters as they get to know each other better. I really enjoyed the afterward. It was a nice story about the two girls handling their relationship as they lived together.

How well the manga fits the genre(s) (Drama/Romance): 10/10

This manga is great for drama and romance. The drama from the beginning is Yui not being able to get over her feelings for her ex girlfriend. From the start, Yui seemed to be interested in Tae, even if it wasn’t sexual. The girl was different, and she wanted to get to know her better. Tae also helped Yui cheer up and get over Mizuki, so that helped Yui and Tae’s romance. Then the drama of Mizuki coming back to ask Yui to forgive her was a great way for Tae to realize she had romantic feelings for Yui. This dramatic romance story had a strong beginning and strong end.

Overall Opinion: 37/40

I really love works by Hiyori Otsu. She is really good at writing adorable romance stories between girls. Aqua Blue Cinema is one of my personal favorites. I love the artwork of the characters and how you really connect to them in such a short span of time. I also enjoy the length of the manga. It was short and sweet, and it is great for a thirty minute homework break.

They are to adorable! Chapter 6 Page 37 (Cleaned and Translated by Lililicious)

They are to adorable!
Chapter 6 Page 37
(Cleaned and Translated by Lililicious)