Feiyon – Day 3: Favorite Anime Opening

My favorite anime opening is Discotheque from the second season of Rosario Vampire. I love the upbeat melody and Nana Mizuki’s singing can make any song great. The consistent beat makes it catchy and easy to dance to. Whenever I feel down, this is one song that can always make me feel better. Here is a link to a shortened opening version: Here

Anime Review


Anime: Rosario Vampire

Episode Count: 26 Episodes/ 2 Seasons/ 13 episodes each

Year: 2008

Genre: Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy, Romance, School, Vampire, Harem

You can watch it at: Netflix, Anime1

Summary:  Tsukune Aono is a freshman entering high school, the only problem is he didn’t make it into any high school. His father happened to pick up an acceptance letter, and that allows Tsukune to enter high school. On his first day of school, he crashes into a girl who claims to be a vampire named, Moka Akashiya . He soon realizes that he is at a school full of monsters. Tsukune quickly decides to leave the school for his own safety, but soon realizes that the bus only comes once a month. What will Tsukune decide to do in a months time?

Recommendation: This anime has a good mix of comedy, ecchi, and harem. I really enjoyed all the main characters in the anime. They all brought their own charm to the show. I would suggest this show to anyone who enjoys a good harem anime.


Animation: 10/10

The animation in Rosario Vampire is really well done. All the scenes and movements are smooth. The “Discotheque” opening has great animation that goes with the song. There are a few blimps in the animation, but I can tell there was a lot of effort put into the animation, and it really helps the quality of this show.

Characters: 9/10

All the characters in the anime make the show better. They all have diverse personalities. I really liked Moka’s two personalities.

Main Characters:

Tsukune Aono:

Tsukune Aono is a human who ended up at a school full of monsters. He is very conscious about how powerless he is, and that bothers him a lot. Although he doesn’t have much power, his kindness is what attracts girls to him.

Moka Akashiya:

Moka Akashiya is a vampire who met Tsukune on the first day of school. Tsukune is the first friend that she has made in school. When she was in human school, she was constantly picked on. In monster school, she is believed to be the most attractive girl in school. Moka is an S-class vampire, which is the most powerful monster. Because her true form is too powerful, it is sealed using a rosary. While Moka is wearing the rosary, she is happy and cheerful. She has pink hair and she has an innocent look on her face. In Moka’s true form, she has a cool demeanor. Her eyes changed to a dark red color and her hair turns white. She is usually more level headed than normal Moka, but she also isn’t honest with her feelings.

The two sides of Moka. (Moka's true form on the left, Moka's normal form on the right.)

The two sides of Moka. (Moka’s true form on the left, Moka’s normal form on the right.)

Plot: 7/10

If plot was the amount of boobage in a show, this plot would be 9/10. The real plot of the story is just an average harem. The story follows Tsukune and the other girls’ school life. The show is more for the characters than a plot since nothing really happens in the anime.

Opening/Ending: 9.5/10

I really enjoyed every song in this anime except for the opening for the first season. “Discotheque” has been my favorite anime opening for years. The two endings “Dancing in the Velvet Moon” and “Trinity Cross”, that are sung by Nana Mizuki. The darker melodies of the ending songs compared to the cute openings are a great contrast between Moka’s character. Especially since all the songs I like are sung by Nana Mizuki.

How well the anime fits the main genre(s) (Comedy/Ecchi/Harem): 10/10

I believe this anime does a great job mixing these three genres together. The comedy happens in every episodes with little dibbles between characters and jokes that run throughout the show. More than have the comedy in the show is ecchi based and between fights between the girls. There are also lots of boob jiggles and panty shots. The harem aspect is strong in the show, but all the girls seem to get along well after joining the harem.

Overall Opinion: 46.5/50

I really enjoyed this anime. I really liked the setting of the anime. It seemed really interesting having a human in a world of monsters. I also really liked Moka’s character. It is interesting how she has two different personalities. Another draw to the show is Nana Mizuki and Rie Kugamiya being in the anime. I really like those two voice actresses, so personally that attracts me to this anime. This anime is a very basic harem, but it defiantly has a twist that makes it stand out.




Feiyon – Day 1: Gateway Anime

So today kicks off the start of the anime challenge. Day 1 is what is your gateway anime. Mine personally is Sailor Moon. Honestly, when I first saw Sailor Moon when I was five, I hated the show. It freaked me out. Years later, I was baby-sitting one of my friends that is years younger than I am, and she happened to have some Sailor Moon episodes. We watched a few for a couple years together. I finally reached the point where I wanted to know how Sailor Moon started, because all the episodes we were watching were random. They would be from the first season then the third season. It was not consistent. After finishing all of Sailor Moon in English, I rewatched it in Japanese because I realized that America cut a few of the episodes from the original version. I didn’t stop there. After watching all the English and Japanese episodes, the movies, and the OVAs, I watched the live action series. I really should have stopped sooner, but I was obsessed. After Sailor Moon, I started the Inuyasha series, and it’s all history from there.

sailormoon_sailor_moon_3Anime: Sailor Moon


  1. Sailor Moon
  2. Sailor Moon R
  3. Sailor Moon S
  4. Sailor Moon SuperS
  5. Sailor Stars (Only in Japanese)

Spin-off Series: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal

Episode Count: 

Japanese: 200 Episodes/ 5 Seasons/ 5 OVAs

English: 157 Episodes/ 4 Seasons

3 Movies that can be watched Subbed or Dubbed

Year: March 7, 1992 – February 8, 1997

Genre: Adventure, Magical Girl, Romance, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

You can watch it at: 

There are many places that you can watch the series. They used to have all the episodes on YouTube. It seems that Hulu has a few season for free in Japanese. watchsailormoon.com has English dub and Sailor Stars Japanese Dubbed.


Usagi Tsukino (Serena Tsukino) is an average middle school girl. She is mostly known for being a crybaby. However, she is also very sweet and caring. She is always willing to sacrifice herself for the good of others. One day, Usagi is told by a talking cat that she is the guardian of the Earth, Sailor Moon. The evil people of the Dark Moon attack Earth, and it is Sailor Moon’s job, along with the Sailor Scouts, to help protect the Earth.

(The other season have different evil beings and new sailor scouts that join the team.)


This is one of those really well known classics that I believe every anime fan should try to watch. I loved this whole series. It has a great mix of action, comedy, and drama, let alone it is a magical girl show. Although every episode gets slightly repetitive, the show as a whole is really enjoyable. It is fun to connect with all the characters through the different events that happen throughout the series. There are good amounts of comedy mixed with enough drama to keep you wanting more.

(I do not suggest watching the Sailor Moon Crystal series that has just come out. It is nowhere close to being as good as the original.)


Animation: 9/10

Considering the animation limitations of the time, Sailor Moon has decent animation. I  thought the style of the art really fit the show well. This was confirmed when I saw the first half of Sailor Moon Crystal. The transformations and every day life sequences are very fluid in the anime. I really enjoyed the animation of Sailor Moon and thought it was well done.

Characters: 9/10

All the characters in the Sailor Moon series are special in different ways. As the show progresses, the it is easier to become attached to each one individually and all the characters together as a group.

Main Characters:


Usagi Tsukino (Serena Tsukino):

Usagi Tsukino is a middle schooler in the first season of Sailor Moon, and in the final season she is a high schooler. She has always been a total klutz, so her family often yells at her for making messing up. As stated before, Usagi cares a lot for others. This includes friends, family, and strangers. She can easily loose her temper when she gets teased or someone is threatening her relationship with Mamoru, her boyfriend. Usagi is the princess of the moon kingdom reincarnated as a human Earth girl. She is also Sailor Moon, the leader of the sailor scouts. Most of Sailor Moon’s powers are connected to using a staff to attack or heal.

As the series progresses, Usagi matures a lot. It is inferred that she becomes the queen of Earth and Crystal Tokyo, and she is Rini’s mother.

Rei Hino (Raye Hino):

Rei Hino works as a shine maiden at her family shrine. She is known to be born with spiritual powers. These allow her to sense evil. The powers Rei was born with make it hard for her to make friends before Usagi meets her. Soon after they meet, Rei discovers that she is Sailor Mars. Most of her powers correlate to fire and her spiritual powers.

She really cherishes her friendships with all the other sailor scouts, but that doesn’t stop her from getting into fights with Usagi. Rei goes to a different school than the other sailor scouts during the entire series, but she always has a way to make an appearance. She is not shy about telling boys that she is interested, but this can cause her to fight with other girls interested in the same guy.

Mamoru Chiba (Darien Shields):

Mamoru Chiba is the love interest of Usagi. He is a few years older than her, so his character is a lot more mature and collected than her. Mamoru in Japanese translates to “protect”, and that is his main role in the anime. He is the one and only Tuxedo Mask. Since episode one, he helps the sailor scouts whenever they are in trouble. He usually goes when the sailor scouts are facing a huge threat or he will show up randomly. He is the reincarnation of the Prince of Earth, Endymion. He and the princess of the moon were in love during their life time, and that love remain strong inside Mamoru and Usagi still. When Mamoru was a child, he got into a bad car accident that killed his parents. He has trouble remembering his past because of it.

Tuxedo mask has the power to sometimes see people’s dreams, heal minor wounds, and monitor the status of the Earth.

Plot: 8/10

The plot of the entire series is quite good for a longer running series. I usually stay away from longer series like One Piece and Naruto because of the length and fillers, but this anime didn’t make any episode feel like a filler. It was great at keeping me entertained. I loved the comedy mixed with the drama that every evil organization brought. The plot itself is like every other magical girl show where in every episode some civilian gets attacked and the girls save them, but the mix of characters and comedy help this anime keep its individualism.

Opening/Ending: 8/10

The opening “Moonlight Densetsu” is a classic among anime openings. It is the opening for the first four season. The Sailor Stars intro song, “Sailor Stars” was catchy and good, but it still doesn’t compare to “Moonlight Densetsu”. I honestly don’t remember the ending songs for the Sailor Moon series. They didn’t compare though.

How well the anime fits the main genre(s) (Comedy/Fantasy): 9/10

This anime fits the genre of comedy and fantasy really well. The fantasy being the magical girl powers, the evil beings, and the creatures. The comedy is mixed into every episode of the anime. It is usually shown between interactions between the characters. This anime is a good mix of fantasy and comedy, and without either it wouldn’t have been as enjoyable.

Overall Opinion: 43/50

I love the Sailor Moon series and I’m glad I can say it was my first anime series. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the whole thing, but whenever I go back to watch just one episode again I end up watching five or more. I’m always game to watching Sailor Moon again with my friend who helped get me started. As an anime fan, I think that everyone should try watching this series.





30 Day April Anime Challenge

Hey guys, Aesm here. Starting tomorrow, Feiyon and I are starting a 30 day anime challenge. Every day, we will each make a post. Here are our rules:

1. Every day we must answer a question from the given list, the question must correspond to the date (i.e. we cannot answer question 14 on the 8th)

2. Whatever our answer is, we must post a review related to it. If the question is about a character, we make a character review. If it’s about a scene or show we will make an anime review.

3. We cannot repeat anything we have previously done, this includes previously in the challenge as well as before we began it.

4. We cannot share any answers, even if they are for the same question. We must each come up with our own answer.

5. We may only use one character from each show

6. This rule overrides rule 5, we are each allowed ONE character from a show that has been previously used (In case we each want to pick a character from a single show or something)

7. If any of these rules prevent us from using our actual answer, we will also say what our answer would be, if the rules were not in play

8. Both participants must make a post each day titled with our name and the prompt. Example: Aesm – Day 1: Gateway Anime

9. As a general rule for the blog, we only write about shows and characters from shows we have finished at least one season of

30 Day Challenge

These are the prompts we will be using. I hope you guys enjoy our challenge. If you guys would like to join our challenge, we’d love it if you would comment your answers on your favorite post for each day.

As an additional note, for the duration of the challenge, Background Mondays will be on hiatus (Feel free to make requests though for after the challenge.)

We decided to do this partly because it sounded fun, but also partly to get back into the rhythm of posting daily.

* Note: When picking an anime we have not seen but want to, we will be choosing from each other’s lists and writing a review for the show the other person picked.

Lastly, if you’ve been keeping track, I’m a bit behind on my posts but I finally got a new keyboard with all working keys (Look at this sexy E, the key works) so I am now able to catch up on my late posts. Keep an eye out for them.

~Aesm XXX/365

Anime Review: Gonna be the Twintail!

Tails Blue, Red, and Yellow

Tails Blue, Red, and Yellow

Anime: Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu

Novel: Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu

Episode Count: 12

Year: 2014

You can watch it at: anime1.com

Summary: Mitsuka Souji is a first year in high school with an overly developed adoration for the twintails hairstyle. One day, a beautiful girl named Twoearle appears and gives him a bracelet that uses his love for twintails to turn him into a beautiful twintailed girl named “Tail Red”. Red uses the power of twintails to fight off the Elemelians that wish to steal all fetishes from the world. The Elemelians are creatures that take the shape of monstrous animals and embody a fetish.

Recommendation: If you enjoy hero shows, this is a great one.


Animation: 10/10

The animation style for this show is fantastic.The show exemplified beautiful backgrounds, well designed characters, and great battle scenes.

Characters: 10/10

Main Characters:

Mitsuka Souji

Mitsuka Souji

Mitsuka Souji:

Souji is a high school student with a disturbing attachment to twintails. He loves them. He worships them. Twintails are his world. When Twoearle appears and gives him the TailGear so he can defend his beloved twintails he jumps in to protect what he loves. Yeah, he saves the world too, but that’s bonus. Twintails will be safe. Near the end of the show after Dark Grasper kisses Tail Red Souji begins to question his love for twintails and finds himself transformed into a girl indefinitely. The girl is not Red, as one might expect. She is taller, has a different face, and larger boobs. During his time as a girl Souji goes by the name Solar and is unable to revert to his male form until his twintails appear to him in his min and put an end to his doubts. As Tail Red Souji’s prefered weapon is a sword by the name of “Blazer Blade”. Blazer Blade opens and ignites itself during Red’s “Brake Release”: “Grand Blazer”.

Tsube Aika

Tsube Aika

Tsube Aika:

Aika is Souji’s twintailed best friend. Aika is undoubtedly in love with Souji and even has his mother’s blessing to be his romantic partner. Aika’s love manifests itself in her twintails, she maintains them and cares for them as they are a connection that binds Souji and her together. Aika gets jealous easily and often beats on Twoearle when Twoearle attempts to seduce Souji. When Souji is having difficulty against the Elemelian Fox Guildy, Aika claims a TailGear of her own and becomes Tail Blue. Blue wields a trident that she throws when fighting Elemelians. When an Elemelian comments on her bust size though, she opts to discard the trident and pound the beast to death with her bare hands. Blue uses a power known as Elemelition to use the fetish affinities of Elemelians they’ve already defeated in battle for her own reasons.

Shindou Erina

Shindou Erina

Shindou Erina:

Erina is the student council president at the school Souji, Aika and she attend. Erina falls in love with Tail Red after being saved by her and quickly discovers that Red’s true identity is Souji. After Twoearle develops the third TailGear with a hybrid twintail-big breast core Erina joins the twintails as Tail Yellow. When she first joins she is unable to use her power as she claims to hate twintails. She wears them because it is a family tradition she cannot escape. Erina, with the help of Souji, discovers her true love for twintails and decides that Souji will become her master. She often begs Souji to treat her like a dog requesting that he demand she “stay” rather than “stand by”. Yellow’s armor is a series of guns that she sheds after firing. For her Brake Release Yellow’s armor forms a massive rifle that fires into her back, propelling her forward in a massively powerful kick.




Twoearle is a human from a parallel world that had been defeated by the Elemelians. On her world, Twoearle had used the blue TailGear to fight off the Elemelians but ended up accidentally feeding them the energy they needed to devour the energy of the planet. Twoearle decided to shed her own Twintail Affinity to develop the red TailGear that she gave to Souji. On Souji’s world, Twoearle is a perverted, busty woman that wants nothing more than for Souji to save his world like she could not. Well, maybe she wants into Souji’s pants a little more, but who knows?

Plot: 10/10

The story in Twintail was great. Alien invaders come to steal the energy from the world through fetishes and only a warrior whose life is dedicated to his love of twintails can fight them off. When a buddy suggested this to me my immediate reaction was “This sounds dumb but funny”. When I started watching it, though, I realized I was half wrong. It’s fantastic and funny. The twintails fight off the Elemelians to protect the fetishes of the world while Twoearle, Aika, and Erina subtly fight over Souji’s romantic love. (Hint: His only love is twintails.)

Opening/Ending: 10/10

I usually enjoy the opening and ending of most shows, but I enjoy them in that they fit the show. Twintail is one of the few shows whose opening I enjoyed enough to actively listen to even when I wasn’t watching the show. For Feiyon that may not be very big, but for me it’s a huge deal. Great songs. Very enjoyable.

How well it fits the genre (Action/Comedy): 10/10

My roommate and I started this show together and agree the fights are pretty great and it’s absolutely hysterical. There’s just enough romance for it to be made fun of, but not enough that the show would really be a romance.

Overall Opinion: 50/50

Yes. I have nothing else to say, just yes.



High School of the Dead Challenge


While watching Full Metal Panic together, Aesm and I decided it would be interesting to take shots of monster energy drink for every ecchi scene in High School of the Dead, HOTD. We have five cans prepped for each of us, and we will be drinking the same amount or more of water to go with it. I tested episode 1 and 2 with water shots, and it quickly came to my attention that we might have underestimated the amount of ecchi in HOTD. In the opening alone, I counted 9 shots. In episode 1 including the opening, I counted 28 shots. We will be keeping this to moderation, and our health will be more important that this game, but I am going to keep track of how many we take during the anime. I’ll post the results in another blog post.

Let the games begin!

(We will not be including the OVA because that one episode alone would be like three cans.)



Top 10 Grade A Perverts

I know I still need to finish my post on the top 10 ecchi anime. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten. Aesm also needs to make up last weeks post, and I hope he doesn’t forget about tomorrows. Anyway, I thought this would be a fun post to do with my list of top 10 echhi anime.

I personally believe there are two types of perverts in anime. There are the normal perverts that always seem to think about sexual stuff and the lucky perverts that end up in the positions that others could only dream about. This top ten list only includes normal perverts, and these are the worst of the worst. Here is my list of the top 10 most perverted anime characters.



Name: Yui Kotegawa

Anime: To Love-Ru


Yui Kotegawa is a closet pervert. She continuously has fantasies about Yuuki and her doing indecent things. Yui is also in charge of stopping anything indecent from happening around the school, so it is amusing to watch her stop others from being indecent when she is indecent herself.



Name: Momo Velia Deviluke

Anime: To Love-Ru


Momo is one of the few To Love-Ru characters that is trying to with Yuuki’s heart with her body consciously. She has also kept tabs on all the other girls in the anime to know who is all in Yuuki’s harem. Her main goal in this anime is to have Yuuki become the new king of Deviluke, so he can have a legal harem.



Name: Ako and Riko Suminoe

Anime: Kiss x Sis


Ako and Riko are twin sisters in the Kiss x Sis series, and I realized while making the list that they are pretty much on equal grounds for perversion levels. They both have their own unique ways of showing affection, but in the end they both do about the same amount of sexual things with Keita.



Name: Chizuru Minamoto

Anime: Kanokon


Chizuru is a fox demon in love. Throughout the entire two season of the anime, her main objective is the have sex with Kouta. She tries everything from running soba noodles down her body to shoving her boobs in Kouta’s face.



Name: Taro Sado

Anime: MM!


Taro is a normal boy until he gets physically pained. He starts begging anyone to hit him more. He is a major masochist, and although he tries to stop he just can’t.



Name: Rin Kokonoe

Anime: Kodomo no Jikan


Rin is a third grader who constantly is trying to get into her teacher’s pants. She often shows him her panties or kisses him to try and get his attention. She enjoys teasing the teacher about his virginity and offers herself to him multiple times.



Name: Kyousuke Imadori

Anime: School Rumble


Kyousuke has a huge fanclub, but he is still a pervert. He often goes after Makoto. He believes that by looking he can guess a girl’s breast size. He often fantasizes about Makoto’s breast size.



Name: Kazuharu Fukuyama

Anime: Girl’s Bravo


Kazuharu is often seen sexually harassing other girls. In public or private, it doesn’t matter. He purposly gets the group to play strip majhong, just so he can see the girls in different costumes.



Name: Ryosuke Kaga

Anime: So, I Can’t play H


Ryosuke is a knowledgeable pervert. He knows everything from perfect sexual poses to how a girl can show off her body. In the anime, Ryosuke’s pervert energy is what gives his partner Lisara energy, so when he gets really charged while watching Lisara get stripped while fighting, it is a benefit to Lisara in the end.


Tomoki being a pervert

Tomoki being a pervert

Chibi Form

Chibi Form

Name: Tomoki Sakurai

Anime: Sora no Otoshimono


Tomoki Sakurai is the number one anime pervert. He will try anything to touch girls and sneak into the girl’s bathroom. He loves panties and usually has a hidden collection somewhere. He also takes pride in his perverseness. Tomoki is the worst anime pervert, and I don’t think anyone will be able to top him

Here is the scene that makes him anime’s largest pervert: Click Here



Background Monday

Starting from today, I will be making a new background and posting them every Monday. It’s a good break from blog writing, and it allows me to catch up on homework.

Umi Sonoda from Love Live

Umi Sonoda from Love Live



Character Review: Lucy

elfen_lied__broken_mask_lucy_by_goxve-d31twrrCharacter: Lucy (Nyu)

Anime: Elfen Lied

Manga: Elfen Lied

Voice Actress/CV: Sanae Kobayashi

Lucy is an eighteen year old Diclonious. Her whole life she has been ridiculed by humans, and this causes her to lose trust in them.

Warning! If you read further than this, there could be spoilers.


Appearance: 7/10

Lucy has long pink hair that she has grown out during her years of solitude. She has two horns, that look like ears, coming out of her head. Her body is well developed, but average. Between Lucy and Nyu the animators gave Lucy a darker looking face while Nyu had a cute innocent face. It slightly changed depending on who had control of the body. Nyu cuts her hair short near the end of the series.


Lucy mode

Nyu mode

Nyu mode

Personality: 10/10

I really like Lucy’s personality. Although she was a mass murderer, she only started because of her distrust in humans. I mean, who wouldn’t beome twisted after watching their puppy/only true friend was murdered right in front of them. Lucy is also very intelligent and uses her split personality to her advantage. I really liked Lucy’s character, and I had a hard time watching her getting hurt though out life.

Nyu was just adorable and funny to watch. She had no idea what she was doing. It was interesting to watch her grow up during the show too.

How well the character’s CV fits the character: 9/10

The voice actress did a great job switching voices between Nyu and Lucy, but nothing really special besides that.

Overall Thoughts: 26/30

I liked Lucy as a character. She has gone though so much shit, and it is totally understandable why she doesn’t trust people.



Anime Review: Toradora!


From left to right (Ami Kawashima, Yuusaku Kitamura, Taiga Aisaka, Ryuuji Takasu, Minori Kushieda)

Anime: Toradora!

Episode Count: 25 Episodes/ 1 OVA

Year: 2008-2009

Genre: Comedy, Romance, School, Slice of Life, Harem

You can watch it at:

Legally: Hulu, Crunchyroll (With a membership)

Illegally: Anime1

Purchase: Rightstuf, and Amazon


Ryuuji Takasu has always been judged as a delinquent because of his intimidating eyes. On the inside, Ryuuji is really a sweet and gentle house wife. The anime starts when Ryuuji enters his second year in high school. He is glad to find out that his best friend, Yuusaku Kitamura, and his secret crush, Minori Kushieda. He also discovered that the school’s Palm-Top Tiger, Taiga Aisaka, is in his class. Taiga is feared in the school because of her aggressive behavior. Ryuuji accidentally finds out that Taiga has a crush on his best friend Kitamura. While explaining that having a crush is okay, Ryuuji spills that he has a crush on Taiga’s best friend. They eventually decide that they will work together to help end up with their crushes.


I would suggest this anime to anyone who loves and has never seen anime. There are a great mix of characters. The anime itself can be taken at a light romantic comedy or seen with deeper meaning. I enjoyed every episode of the anime. The way the characters change over time is really great too. Anyone who likes romantic comedies should try this anime.

I will say the harem genre isn’t very prominent.


Animation: 7/10

The animation in this anime is a bit sketchy. In the first section of the anime, the character designs didn’t seem to be set in stone. The characters would look slightly different between different episodes. It wasn’t until the past the second season until they started have a more structured character design. There were moments in the series where the animation was great, but in other moments the animation was really bad.

Characters: 10/10

All the characters have amazing personalities. They all have various personalities that work well together. Each character is very memorable.

Main Characters:

Taiga Aisaka:

Taiga Aisaka is known in school as the “Palm-Top Tiger” because she is as aggressive as a tiger and small enough to fit on your hand. Taiga is the best example of a tsundere that I’ve ever seen in anime. Though out the series she gets better at projecting her anger at Ryuuji and is sweeter and kinder to him in the end. She still does have some edge though. Taiga normally only gets aggressive when people get in her way. She often feels like no one actually understands her, and that seems like one of the reasons she pushes people away. Taiga’s closest friend at the beginning of the series is Minori, but eventually Ryuuji and Taiga become closer. Taiga is used to being hurt, but is ultimately able to find happiness.

Vector of Taiga by Shini

Vector of Taiga by Shini

Ryuuji Takasu:IR2CSxTNOmx1BtJsNksVNCfb7MM

Ryuuji Takasu is believed to be a delinquent because of his eyes. He gets his eyes from his father, who he despises. It takes a while for people to warm up to him because they don’t realize that Ryuuji is a great guy. Ryuuji is actually a housewife at heart. Because his mother works at night, he takes care of cooking and cleaning. Ryuuji is an amazing cook and a clean freak. Mold is probably his worst enemy. Ryuuji is also kind and ends up taking care of Taiga. Although he is mature because he can take care of himself, he is also the most immature character. He is usually last to realize what is happening around him.

Ami Kawashima:

toradora-kawashima-ami-wallpaperAmi Kawashima is a popular model that came to into the high school in the middle of the year. She is childhood friends with Kitamura. By Taiga, she is usually referred to as “Baka-Chi” short for Stupid Chihuahua, because according to Taiga, Ami acts like a dog in heat. On the outside, Ami tries to act like a ditsy girl when she is really narcissistic and a bit aggressive. Ami eventually becomes a leader for the class to look up too. Her character is seen as mature by many other people, but Ryuuji sees her as a child, which Ami is grateful that someone sees the real her. Ami is almost the opposite of Ryuuji. She always seems to know what is going on around her, but she can’t take good care of herself. She also seems like the least important character because she doesn’t show up much and her role in the group is almost non-existent. There is definitely more to Ami than what meets the eye. Her character seems like a shallow bitch, but really she is just a high school girl.

Minori Kushieda:

kushieda-minori-toradora-anime-52670-1920x1080Minori Kushieda is probably the most misunderstood character in the whole show. She often says random things, but more than half the time she is talking about something relevant. (ex. Seeing ghosts). I’ll admit that it has taken me a few watches to catch everything that this character is actually saying. She says all the best lines in the anime.

Minori is great at athletics. She is captain of the women’s softball team and has many outside of school jobs. Ryuuji and Taiga often find her in the most random of shops. The job that seems to be the most stable is her waitressing job at the local family resturant. Minori is a fun and lovable character that never fails to make the anime more amusing. She often hides her own feelings, but that usually affects her personality too.

Yuusaku Kitamura:

9c4b08801c_98287985_o2Yuusaku Kitamura is the vice president of the school when the anime begins and president by the end of the anime. He is the captain of the baseball team too. Yuusaku confessed to Taiga in his first year of high school, but after being on student council fell in love with the president. He has a peculiar personality, somewhat like Minori, where he does some strange things sometimes. He cares deeply about his friends, but has trouble getting help from them. He doesn’t handle emotional outburst well, but he gets better over time.

Plot: 9/10

The plot of the anime is really good. They were great at making the plot from Ryuuji and Taiga working together to help the other person get together with their crush to Ryuuji and Taiga falling in love with each other. There are lots of episodes that did a great job characterizing the characters.

Opening/Ending: 10/10

I really enjoyed the opening and ending theme songs of this anime. The two openings were both great in different ways. The opening Pre-Parade has a great catchy rhythm. The second opening Silky Heart is a bit slower than the first opening. It still has a catchy back-beat to the lyrical melody.

How well the anime fits the main genre(s) (Romantic/Comedy): 10/10

This anime is the like the definition of a romantic comedy in my opinion. There is a lot of comedy to build connects to characters and romance more in the second half. It was a great blend of romance and comedy in which it knew when to use comedy to make the mood lighter, but also the romance in the anime was nice and pure.

Overall Opinion: 46/50

This is one of my favorite anime. I love the building of the characters during the entire show. There are many ways this show can be watched. I’ve seen it many times now, and I still find myself missing small meaningful details in the anime. I really liked the mix of humor and romance. There was a great balance between the two. I would suggest this anime to anyone who has or hasn’t seen anime. It is a great anime that can be enjoyed by anyone who doesn’t find romcoms boring.